Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Last Minute Gifts: Fashion

Uh oh. You pulled the name of that girl no one's ever talked to and you often forget exists out of the Secret Santa bag at work, didn't you? Or it's a few days left before Christmas and wouldn't you know it, you forgot to get your old friend/assistant/yoga teacher/work buddy a gift? Don't think, buy. We've made it a little easier for you.

A cheeky pouch is the perfect pop of oomph for anyone - bolder style fans can carry it as a little clutch, more subtly folks can keep it in a tote as a wallet. This eye version is unique and modern art-esque.

Let her sip her preferred beverage like a lady with this teacup, an unexpectedly elegant  accessory that lends charming appeal to her decor - while packing the quirky, brutally honest punch of the "booze" label on the inside.

This rabbit-in-a-hat wine stopper adds an adorable twist to any bottle of wine. Your friend or co-worker will finally have an (actually stylish, in a playful way) alternative to trying to ram the cork back in or keeping tin foil over the top of the bottle.

Because it's the best game ever. Okay, well maybe Cards Against Humanity is even better, but if you're doing a Secret Santa you might have to be careful of your audience. No one has ever played this game and not had fun, so it's a safe bet for anyone.

Because do you know anyone that wouldn't like their work space jazzed up a little? I think that you do not.

Did you know you could get someone a year's subscription to a magazine for ten bones? The world is a crazy place. Paper is an awesome magazine that's full of style and art and all things delightful, and everyone likes getting mail.

Handbags and Hugs,


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  1. Cute gifts, I like these as little stocking stuffers as well.