Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Fashion Gift Guide: Mom

Today, a cheat sheet for holiday shopping for Mom:

Known for luxury, soft and cozy-ness, and love-forever style, Barefoot Dreams is the perfect stop for shopping for mom, whether you think she'd love something for her, the house, or both. Treat her to sweet dreams and luxe lounging with a plush bathrobe, give her the gift of effortless style from errands in town to a day at the beach with a chic yet unbelievably cozy sweater that doubles as a cover-up, or help her make home that much more comfy with a quietly hued blanket set.

The best gift is one she'll treasure forever and ever, and one she can wear every day and night and never take off. This bracelet from Hortense is so beautifully understated - just a hint of sparkle from the diamond at center. It's elegant, special and chic, and will always remind her of you and your bond with her.

Remember when Christmas presents were things you made at school with macaroni, glitter and the glue you had left after covering your hands with it and peeling it off? Your mom cherished every one of those sugar-fueled disasters. But now you're a grown-up with some kind of cash flow and everyone would be really worried about you if you made your mom a necklace out of noodles. But there is a way you can give your mom something actually super stylish that she'll want to wear everyday, with that sentiment of from-the-heart, crafted-by-you specialness. At Milk & Honey, you can design your own shoes for her. They'll be one-of-a-kind, and she'll love that she's the only one in the world to have those shoes and they were dreamed up by her daughter. There are a few design-your-own-shoe sites out there, but I recommend Milk & Honey because they have way more options than any site I've seen, and the prices are more reasonable. I made the loafers above for just $159.

Elevate her morning coffee routine in both taste and style with this chic French press from Bodum.Its modern art-esque design will lend her kitchen serious points in the aesthetics arena, and she'll love the quality of pressed coffee over machine-made java. Pick any color to match any interior and brighten up her wake-up call.

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