Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Fashion Gift Guide: BFF

It's that time of the year again - time to shop for someone other than yourself. I know, it's painful, but it can be a little more fun when you have some great ideas about what to get and are getting things you're excited about - and know the recipients are just going to love them. Today, some fashion-focused gifts for your BFF.

Is your friend the one in your group that is always unreachable because her phone is dead? I am the one in my group, by the way. And my friends' reaction to this has grown from amusement to mild annoyance to seriously-what-is-wrong-with-you-ness. Instead of yelling at your poor friend, give her something to fix the problem - and something that is still really adorable and even fashion-conscious. Marc by Marc Jacobs created a Boost case, meaning there is a detachable battery pack on the case that charges your phone on the go. These cases have been around for a while but, and I'm just guessing, your friend might not have gotten one because they're pretty ugly. But these versions, splashed with the Marc by Marc Jacobs adorable mascots of Olive (Boston Terrier) and Rue (cat), are colorful cases you'd want on your phone anyway. 

If your friend is effortlessly cool or is working toward the look, if she's sporty, if she's looking to capture the eye of a street style photog - snatch up this Cara Delevingne-approved Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony tee. She can wear it whether she's working out or brunching at the latest hotspot. 

Life:Curated is a great go-to for something really unique your friend won't ever find anywhere else. From the jewelry to home goods, everything is cute, chic, playful, artsy - like this quirky jewelry rack, the hooks for her prized necklaces and bracelets are toy animals. As eye-catching as it is functional! 

If your friend loves fashion and/or just laugh-out-loud stories, you need to pick up this new book, Asylum, from Simon Doonan. It chronicles his crazier times in the industry - and the gossip is good. Because let's face it, fashion people, as great as they are, are all kinda insane. Your friend will love every minute of it - and will probably let you borrow it after her.

Whether you're still doing slumber parties or not, you can make sure your friend has sweet (and stylish) dreams in these Marigot PJs. Every girl needs a pair of cute, comfy pajamas that she wouldn't feel ashamed to be seen in if an unexpected visitor shows up at the door or she needs to chase the dog who's just escaped into the yard or she's going on vacation with her boyfriend's family. It's something a lot of us don't tend to indulge in for ourselves, so it's such a perfect gift.

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