Monday, December 23, 2013

SOF Scoop: Lambillotte

You know when a girl passes you on the street and you simultaneously love her and hate her, because she looks so cool and you know she didn’t even really try? She just radiates effortless style, with that look that strikes the perfect balance between feminine and tomboyish. She very well might be wearing Lambillotte, the uniform of that breezy, perfect-but-not-contrived girl. You are that girl in Lambillotte’s richly hued, dropped-waist dresses and metallic-blocked sweatshirts (shop the line at Of A Kind!). Sisters Lindsey and Suzan are behind the line, and we had to find out where the genius comes from.

SOF: So how did
the line happen? Did you always want to go into business together?  
Suz of Lambillotte: We don't remember discussing it. It was just something we knew we would do. We have been very close since we were kids.  

SOF: You come from a family of creative, style-minded people, did they encourage you starting the line?
Suz: Actually I think they were a little skeptical. We were too young and weren't experienced enough when we started but they were still supportive and excited for us.
SOF: What’s
your dynamic like? Is someone more of the creative genius and the other the
business genius, or is it a 50/50 split? 
Suz: We discuss everything before moving forward but when it comes down to it, Lindsey handles the creative and I handle the business. 
SOF: How would
you describe your own, personal styles? 
Suz: Eclectic, preppy. 
Lindsey: Feminine, clean put-together pieces with a bit of drama.    

SOF: Where do
you find inspiration for your designs? 
Suz: Museums, movies, and travel. 

SOF: Who is the girl you design with in mind – who is the Lambillotte girl?
Suz: She is professional, creative, eccentric, and fun. 
SOF: What have
been some milestones in the line’s history so far? 
Suz: Because we are still new, I feel we have a broad range, from doing well at a new show like CALA to having an artist like Esperanza Spalding featured in an editorial in our clothes.  
SOF: Where do
you hope to see it go in the future?

Suz: We hope to keep Lambillotte's aesthetic pure to its original intent while continuing to grow.  
SOF: What’s the
last thing you bought? 
Lindsey: A star ring from Elizabeth and James. 
Suz: A pair of houndstooth and leather oxfords from Moods of Norway.
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