Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ciate Caviar Manicure Put to the Test

I have been SO nail art-inspired after seeing the beautiful manicures that were featured during Fashion Week. One I particulary liked was from the Joy Cioci show (photo courtesy of CND).

Another spin on the Caviar manicure was also seen at The Blonds:

I have wanted to try the Ciate Cavaiar Manicure set and after seeing this picture I needed a similar manicure myself!

I purchased the Caviar Manicure set from Sephora for $25. I am going to give you a quick demo and then will let you know my thoughts.

The kit comes with a pink nail polish which will be your first step.

You are going to want to paint each nail and let dry. Then you will want to do a second coat and apply the 'Caviar'. You want the nail polish to remain wet for the caviar beads to stick, so do each nail's second coat at a time - apply the second coat for just that nail and then caviar that finger up.

Now that your nail is wet pour the 'Caviar' on your nail (make sure you use the tray that comes with the kit otherwise you'll be finding these beads everywhere - I mean EVERYWHERE - for days. And your boyfriend may not take kindly to these flavoring his food.)

The just gently press the small beads into the nail polish.

Now you are done and you have a beautiful manicure. It made me feel like my fingers were covered in sprinkles!

BUT, be warned...

This is what my manicure looked like 48 hours later. Basically all of the beads had fallen off my pointer and middle fingers. To make it last longer you could always do an accent finger as the beads on my ring finger lasted longer. It is a very fun look, I would just recommend doing this manicure on the day of an event.

Are there any manicures you want me to try? Let me know 

Perfectly Glossed Kisses,


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