Friday, September 7, 2012

What We're Wearing: FNO Edition

Welp, it's Friday morning, so you know what that means. We survived Fashion's Night Out. But just barely. I hope all of you had a splendid time, whatever you chose to do. While Sutton's and my outfits took a fair share of abuse from flying elbows and drinks that were sloshed as people shoved through the crowds, getting dressed is always the most fun part.

Here was Sutton's beauty look for the night:

First I had to blow out my hair, and I used my Round ceramic Brush Lab Blow dry brush! It is a thermal brush and works so well. I must admit, as into beauty products as I have always been terrible at blowing out my hair. I just look like I got electrocuted after I blow it out, before I straighten it. EVERYTHING changed when I got this brush. Suddenly I am blow dry my hair and look like I left a salon. As much as I miss going to my weekly hair appointments (ahh, prep school, when I had my own credit card connected to Daddy’s account), this is the next best thing. At only $15.98 it is definitely cheaper than going to a salon.

Now that my hair looked professionally dried it was time for the next (super fun) step. With so many people at Fashion Night's Out I needed to make a statement. I braided the front of my hair (oops I forgot I already told you that I am not good with my hair, finnneee my friend braided it) and then I got to work with the pink!

I just applied the Streekers to random parts of the braid and was ready to go!

...And as for me, I was obviously excited to wear a fall look but it was still decidedly disgustingly muggy out. Never fear, I found the perfect look.

I just got this sweet-meets-punk-ish dress from Thirteen Vintage. It's literally the most comfortable dress ever, to boot. My hair is covering it, but there's a cute black velvet Peter Pan collar. I accessorized with a spike headband also from Thirteen Vintage, my Alexander Wang leopard-print bag, Eddie Borgo necklace and bracelet and don't-they-sort-of-look-like-ChloƩ boots from Urban Outfitters.

Oh, wait, can't let you go without showing you the best part of this dress:

Handbags and Hugs, 



Perfectly Glossed Kisses,


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