Tuesday, September 25, 2012

DIY Paint-Splashed Records

Last night I decided that it was time to do some crafting. Being that it was too late to stop by a craft store I had to get creative and use what I could find in the apartment. I had an old record, some paint and nail polish... and ta-da, look what I came up with.

First I painted the entire record with some cheap black poster paint, to cover the label and give the entire record a matte finish.

Next I went through my nail polish and picked out some colors that wouldn't clash too much. (No need to use similar colors, use whatever you want!) But this does use up a ton of the polish so don't use your favorite or most expensive like I did. (Woops.)

Next shake and open the polish and just pour it on, use quick motions so it can drizzle out, just dumping it will only make blobs!

Repeat until you have used all of your colors and are satisfied with the results. Now go shop online until the polish dries completely.

Then I used some Mod Podge and covered the entire record (don't worry, it dries clear!) You could also use clear nail polish, but that would take forever. If you like the matte finish then you can skip this step.

Once dry, the rocord is nice and shiny. Now you just need to think of something to do with it! You could hang it on the wall, but I decided to use it as a 'candle tray' (yes, I just made that up). But it looks so much cuter then just putting your candle on the table.

I lit one of my all-time favorite candles on my newly invented candle tray. The MOR scented candle in Neroli Clementine. It has such a nice scent; citrusy and sweet. One of the things that I love about MOR's candles is that they truly scent the entire room and not just a two foot radius around the candle. I also used unscented tea light candles around it for added interior-decorator genius. The candle is 100% soy wax with a cotton wick and it burns for up to 35 hours, so they last me sooo long - and I am candle-obsessed so I know what I'm talking about.

If you end up trying this craft or candle I would love to hear your feed back or pictures! SobbingOnFifth@gmail.com

Perfectly Glossed Kisses,
* Editor's note: as vinyl-philes, please keep in mind that we recommend this project only with ridiculous, recent records you got in a $1 bin at a flea market because you couldn't bear to leave without buying something, or with a record that is so scratched you literally cannot listen to one song. Please, do not abuse any innocent, musically precious records! 


  1. I would like to see how this would come out done on a turntable! Spin art jump off!!

  2. I think that's actually where Sutton got the idea, we saw a booth doing just that at a festival over the summer. I think the idea was to recycle ruined records. They set up a turntable and hand you a bunch of tubes of paint - they come out pretty cool!