Thursday, September 13, 2012

Portrait Surgery

Retouching goes hand-in-hand with photography these days, as the standards for a perfect shot get higher and higher. The process is usually out of reach, however, for those of us not running our own magazines or e-commerce sites - which, I don't know about you, but I am not. So, does that mean we should be denied the right of a model-quality photo? Why should us bloggers, us small business site owners, us independent designers/artists/singers/what have you, not be able to be depicted at our best?

We shouldn't, which is why I'm kind of obsessed with this brand-spanking-new site, Portrait Surgery, a company that is bringing professional retouching to the people. President and Creative Director Ashley De Rosa has literally grown up in the fashion industry, spending more time on shoots than anywhere else. With her incredible body of retouching experience for some of the biggest businesses in fashion and retail, it's hard to believe someone like li'l old me or hey, li'l old you, could get this kind of work done at low prices like $10 (basic touch-ups) or $25 (natural retouching).

My favorite thing about Portrait Surgery is their natural approach. I am the first one to cringe at the over-airbrushed magazine covers that populate shelves today. Too often it looks like these glossies are doing shoots with the Madame Tussaud's wax version of the model or celebrity they want to feature. Portrait Surgery is kind of like knowing how to wear makeup well: highlight your look, make it look its best, but don't change it. We want to see you out there, not the creepily smooth, one-tone version of you. PS aims to just make sure the interwebs are seeing you at your best. Sure, it might be a bit much (read: high maintenance) to submit every style shot before blogging it, but what about the main page banner picture? What about the picture you use for networking? Maybe you have this amazing picture of you but the lighting wasn't so amazing - why should you suffer for that?

You shouldn't, so do yourself a favor and benefit from the retouching power that our favorite fashion magazines and sites have been for years - only at a more natural, honest level and a much more accessible price point. 

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