Monday, September 24, 2012

Designer Spotlight on Elizabeth Lyons

Elizabeth Lyons pretty much defines "renaissance woman." Already a successful author and entrepreneur, it's no surprise that her creativity would lead to yet another venture - but it's always refreshing when a multi-slasher (say, author/entrepreneur/designer) is so good at each path they simultaneously take. I've become basically obsessed with Ms. Lyons' jewelry - it's earthy yet industrial, edgy yet unassuming, on-trend yet treasure-forever.

One of my favorites is the William cuff, constructed of hammered copper and topped with a beautifully etched panel, finally topped by a panel engraved with '"To thine own self be true" - Shakespeare.' This piece embodies this jewelry line's spirit of organically created cool - it's very diamond-in-the-rough, and that "rough" is the artisanal metal work of this collection. And the quote adds this element of sweetness that is seen throughout all of these pieces, a little personal touch.

I'm a sucker for a good leather wrap bracelet, and this, the Jane, gets me. It's the perfect mix of urban and bohemian. The plaques, engraved with the phrase 'The only way through is out' add that signature Elizabeth Lyons sage charm. This would look amazing in an eclectic wrist stack.

I'm not a huge earrings person - except when they're really special and different. These Dana earrings are set with little excerpts from antique books, giving them this incredibly unique vintage feel. Knowing I could never find these anywhere else makes them a must-have to me - they are so elegant yet so cool in their vintage-y charm.

There are a ton more variations on the cuffs, bracelets - and plenty more at Elizabeth Lyons' site. It's definitely a must-visit site if you're in the market for something really different and individualistic.

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