Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Rochambeau SS13 & More Menswear Mania

Can we agree that the perfect guy always looks stylish and put-together yet doesn't spend more than ten minutes getting dressed? That he cares about fashion enough to put some effort into his look, that he will do some shopping and some conversing about the topic - yet doesn't know or care who Miroslava Duma is? Then you'll probably agree that that perfect guy would wear Rochambeau. Because if he did, his look would always have a cool edge without any trace of tried-too-hard.

Moody green light filled the room at Rochambeau's SS13 show at Milk Studios Sunday, setting the tone for the design duo's darker take on summer. Designers Laurence Chandler and Joshua Cooper stated that "Summer is usually associated with the beach and is synonymous with fun, youthful energy and bright, flashy colors. However, mythologically speaking, bodies of water have always symbolized passage to the afterlife, departed spirits, and the mysteries of death. The collection plays off of this dark flip side of the idyllic, sunny and bright beach."

And sure, some of the vibrant factors of summer style made an appearance in pops of coral and bursts of tribal-esque print. But the mood was darker and deeper. The dynamic is perfectly summed up by Cooper and Laurence's inspiration - yes, a beach, but a beach in Iceland which is blackened by volcanic ash.

The results were a collection of impeccably cut pieces that will still provide men with a lighter respite from winter dressing without making them sacrifice a certain edge. They can embrace graphic print, crisp white and warm coral, but in a serious approach that designers rarely take to summer dressing - how cool and how refreshing.

Oh, and by the way, the jewelry? Yeah, men have never looked this cool wear statement-making necklaces. They were bold but decidedly masculine in their strength and edge.

Joshua Cooper and Laurence Chandler established Rochambeau in 2007 and have been injecting the fashion industry with some of the most cutting-edge inspiration and bold yet wearable designs since. They are stocked by the likes of OAK and Harvey Nichols - find out more here.

High on the fresh inspiration menswear can give, Sutton and I also visited Carlos Campos and Public School. I died over the completely monochrome looks at Carlos Campos - so polished, crisp and refreshing in pristine white, tangerine and sage.

...And then there was the Pete Dougherty-goes-to-prep-school, razor sharp tailored cool factor at Public School.

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