Monday, September 10, 2012

Nina Skarra SS13

You couldn't help but feel positively content, warm and pleasant at Nina Skarra's SS13 show Saturday - even if those words usually confuse you as they do me. There was sunlight shining through the floor-to-ceiling windows of Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center for an airy effect that perfectly matched the designer's pristine palette of pure white, pale blue and pretty blush. 

Ms. Skarra's roots were on full display: the Scandinavian-cool factor was easy to see in clean lines, flawless tailoring, silhouettes that seemed to so effortlessly flatter, fit and flow - and an overall minimalist mood. And yet, I've never seen Scandinavian cool be so romantic. The chic form-meets-function aesthetic was taken to new heights of elegance with artful detail and just the right amount of feminine frill. 

Several styles featured skirts constructed from layered square panels that made the dresses seem to flutter in an imaginary breeze. Wrapped fabric that then pooled downward gave gowns an ethereal finish - taking that whole Scandinavian vibe more in the direction of a Nordic woodland goddess. 

And then there were the more pared-back gowns made from liquids that seemed to flow like liquid...

The most everyday-wearable looks (as in looks you'll actually want to wear every single day) came in the form of a chunky sweater and flowy chiffon skirt and fine-knit sweater dresses that were light as a feather and punctuated with geometric patterns in one focused spot. These looks ended the collection on a decisive note: elegance has a cool new look. These designs make it easy to dress with feminine grace while keeping your look modern, clean and effortlessly chic.

And, saving the best for last, let's not forget my future wedding dress...

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