Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hampton Sun Giveaway

You may remember I posted about some Hampton Sun products because, well, I LOVE their stuff.

And as Astor and I love you all, too, we thought that you might want the products as well, so you can see for yourself.

There's the SPF Suntan Gel - an amazing non-greasy gel to give you a beautiful sheen and protect you from turning into a lobster. (Wear it all over every day.)

And the All Year Face Cream with SPF 15, perfect for everyday, moisturizes and works on all skin types.

Finally, the Serious Shimmer Cooling Spray. This is one of my all time favorite Hampton Sun products, just shake and spray for a gorgeous shimery glow.

Total value of all three products: $107.

We so want you to be able to try these products because we know you'll become just as addicted as we are. Head to our Twitter and retweet when we tweet "I love @hamptonsun"
We'll tweet it every now and then between now and Friday at noon EST, so whenever you see it, retweet for a chance to win!

*Note: US and Canada residents only, please! Thank you!

Kisses & Hugs,
Sutton and Astor


  1. You guys and your awesome giveaways - retweeting like a champ I will be!

  2. hi great giveaway! i do hope it is open internationally. Radmila, rada76@Mail.ru (@radmilamila)

  3. Hi Radmilamila! I'm so sorry, but this is for US residents only - I do apologize for not specifying. Please keep an eye out for other giveaways in the future that may be open internationally!