Thursday, March 28, 2013

Beauty Secrets Revealed Volume IV

It's that time again, beauty secrets for all! As you know, I love any beauty-related tips. I shared some with you in volume onetwo and three. If you are selfishly hoarding some of your own secrets, you better email me at and share them! Include your first name, if I love it I will feature it next month and give you credit!

1.) Keep That Blowout Perfect for Days

     There is almost nothing worse then waking up in the morning and forgetting how amazing your hair looked just the day before. I love getting my hair blown out but it is hardly ever worth it when it only lasts until I fall asleep. If you suffer from this dilemma as well invest in a silk pillow case or scarf to sleep on. You hair will still look perfect come morning.

2.) Natural Brows
     A great set of brows can make anyone look gorgeous. Use the side of your eyebrow pencil instead of the point. By using the side, your brows will look full and completely natural. Like broccoli in your teeth, bad brows will be the first thing people notice about you.

3.) Perfectly Applied Lipstick
     Smile while you apply your lipstick. This will give you an even application. The inside corners of your mouth should not be forgotten. If you apply lipstick without smiling it will look great.... until you're out and smile, suddenly very obvious!
4.) Extend the Life of Your Perfume 

     I love perfume and I am willing to shell out the money for a quality one, but I want to get the bang for my buck. (But don't bring this up with our mother. Astor and I thought it would make us smell nice to dump our Mother's entire 30oz Chanel No.5 perfume in a bubble bath when we were little.) Anyway, dab some petroleum jelly onto pulse points before you spray your perfume on. Perfume evaporates faster on dry skin. The small amount of petroleum jelly will keep the scent all day.

5.) Fruit Skin Scrubber

     Knees, elbows or heels looking a bit dry? This will have you smooth in minutes. Cut a lemon, grapefruit or orange in half. Squeeze out the juice into a glass and feel free to drink it, although I wouldn't do it if you're using a lemon! Now take the fruit and rub it over dry areas of your body to slough off that dead skin. 

Perfectly Glosses Kisses,



  1. Great tip about applying lipstick! I really want to get into wearing different colours but I can never apply it right! I must try this trick :)

  2. Great tips, really useful, I keep meaning to try the grapefruit/lemon as a scrub. I'll need to try the silk pillowcase tip too, my hair always looks amazing after its blow dried but the next day looks like I've ran through a hedge x

  3. Glad you guys liked these tips, yay! HA, Lori - I have the same problem!