Thursday, March 21, 2013

Scoring Fast Fashion on ClothingLoves.Net

We’ve talked before about faking a high end look without knocking it off. You know, like not spending $7,000 on a Pucci neon fur coat, but also not buying a $50 that says “Fucci” on the label. Well, there are a whole crop of sites popping up that define fast fashion, and you should have them bookmarked so you can scoop really on-trend pieces at shockingly low prices without actually getting something totally bad-taste generic. A lot of these sites are in Asia, so be prepared for some translation-centric “huh?”s and slightly longer shipping times, but if you pick your site carefully (because a lot of them are straight-up knock-offs) you can find some seriously affordable trend statement pieces. Like Clothing Loves (which ships faster with dropship from China). Clothing Loves is becoming a favorite fast fashion bookmark of mine because man, is it cheap. And they’re not setting out to legitimately copy any designer pieces. They’re just working some trends. Whether your style is lovely ladylike or directionally downtown, they have you covered. Even just searching for white chiffon dresses, there are prettier than pretty ethereal ones (Sutton’s picked one) and even some hard-hitting rock-girl ones (and yes, I’ve picked one). And because their jewelry is wholesale jewelry – which you’ll mostly come across on these sites – it’s hella cheap. And hella cute. Super fad-tastic, so not the kind of stuff you’d want to pay an arm and leg for – perfect! So bookmark, and hit it up when you see a street style shot you’re dying to copy on a low, low budget.

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  1. Sounds like a great place to shop! I'll have to check it out :)