Wednesday, March 6, 2013

SOF Scoop: Nico, TV Dog Wonder

There's only one thing Sutton and I love as much as shopping: dogs. We actually much prefer them to people, no offense, guys. So, there's obviously nothing better when our two worlds combine and dogs go shopping and show off their chic style sense - when they love it of course. And it seems no one loves it better than Nico, the too-cool-for-school but still total sweetheart pup that has become the resident pooch of Anderson Live, Anderson Cooper's daytime show. The pet of producer Terence Noonan, Nico has melted the hearts of  viewers and celebrity guests alike, and is totally coming into his own as a four-legged style icon. We are so all about this, because we feel like he's kind of a total trailblazer - finally, he is bringing focus to a subject matter that needs our attention, and that's canine fashion. I definitely see a Doggie Sartorialist in the near future. What about Puppy Fashion Week? EEK. I have to breathe. Anyway, we interviewed Nico - yes, we said interviewed, because the language of fashion transcends all...species.

We had to know what it's like to be a canine fashion celebrity, and Nico informed us "it's exhausting." He can't even walk the streets because people keep stopping him. You know how those paparazzi can be. Relentless. The life of an icon is hard. And it totally changes the way you dress - now he has to think about what to wear everyday and can't wear the same thing twice - dog forbid! It's definitely putting a dent in his parents' wallets, since he needs an ever-changing wardrobe (we totally feel him on that). But on the upside, he's getting treats, clothes and fan mail! (Jealous...)

There are a lot of memorable moments for a tiny style influencer on the set of a TV show everyday - some of Nico's favorites were when "Snooki was on the show and had to bring me out - oh, and Stacy London and Keke Palmer are big fans. I was also on the show during Hurricane Sandy as a mascot and got to wear my raincoat."

Nico describes his acclaimed personal style as "classic, preppy chic - inspired by my parents. I like to change up my looks, from a down vest to a cashmere sweater." A lot of Nico's sweaters are handmade by his grandma - major "aw" factor. Of course, that preppy look is toughened by his signature mohawk - the results are that effortlessly cool mix of polished and cool.

Speaking of which, what, you ask, is Nico's favorite look? "A hand-knit sweater my grandma made. It has a hood and is very cozy."

Nico does a lot of traveling so he picks up things when he's on vacation - a plus for keeping your wardrobe unique and varied with one-of-a-kind looks. Although, it can be hard to find things in his size since he wears an XXS.

For all you aspiring canine fashionistas/fashionistos out there (or, fine, we're not totally crazy - for you parents of aspiring canine fashionstas/fashionistos who can read this blog), Nico has some style advice. "It's about finding the right look. You have to have your own style, be who you are." Nico gets his inspiration from people, not other dogs - he's raising the bar. He looks through the J.Crew and Vinard Vines catalogs for patterns and styling ideas.

And because we ask all of our favorite subjects, we had to know what the last thing Nico bought was! "I went shopping with my cousins, Maggie and Ellie, in Center City, Philadelphia. It was a cold day and I bought two sweaters. I love this one I got, it's lime green with stripes."

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