Monday, March 11, 2013

Hard Candy

Hard Candy is launching nail polish for Walmart. They will have five new collections with nine different polishes in each one, and at $3.97 each how could you not treat yourself to one (or forty-five for that matter)? Sold exclusively at Walmart and on - I suggest you go get to shopping.

Below are a few of my favorites. 

Crushed Chrome Collection
Each of these polishes is luster-rich and has a golden, textured finish.
-Shown in Crush On Raisin


Itsy Glitzy Collection
The name says is all: each polish is infused with mica and glitter; inspired from the runway!
-Shown in Bity Blue

Crystal Confetti Collection
Opaque shades with particles and textures make this collection one of a kind. Just like graffiti – this is a creation on your fingertips!
-Shown in Celebrate Sequins

Glitteratzi Collection
Of course this collection is super glittery – but it is done so tastefully! Just the right amount of sparkle leaves you sophisticated, yet fun.
-Shown in Tinsel Town

Candy Sprinkles Collection

No shock here – I LOVE all of these so much. Each one features a different flakes of shiny glitter. They are all in a clear polish so you can paint over any color nail polish to add some glam.
-Shown here in Cocoa Smore (I did two coats and nothing underneath).

Perfectly Glossed Kisses,


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