Thursday, March 14, 2013

Get to Know Bib+Tuck

When all you think about is shopping, when there is no greater thrill to you than finding something you're in love with for a ridiculously low price, you do a LOT of website vetting. I troll the vast and glorious interwebs daily - seriously, daily - for new and exciting sites I can shop. Most of the time, I return from the hunt kinda disappointed. There are a lot of cool sites out there, but I already have my favorites, so it takes something legitimately wow-inducing to break into the circle. And that's why I'm so psyched about Bib+Tuck. It didn't just break into the circle, it crashed in and went right to the middle and was all "look at me!" But not in an obnoxious way, in an "I'm going to save you" kind of way.

  (Bib+Tuck founders, Sari Azout & Sari Bibliowicz)

You see, Bib+Tuck is way different. I will bet my Christopher Kane aqua gel clutch you haven't seen anything like it. (Please don't like make a site like it just so I have to give you my prized possession. I'm sure you can find one on eBay.) It's shopping but it's a game and a social community. Users "bib," which means basically put their items up for "sale." And they "tuck," which means grab those items like nobody's business. And the currency is bucks. You earn bucks and buy bucks - you don't just use money. That's where the game part comes in. You accumulate a bucks balance on Bib+Tuck, it's like getting more and more points in the game of being awesome. You get 15 just for joining, you get 3 for following Bib+Tuck on Twitter, 3 more for tweeting at them, etc. You get bucks for bibbing your first item. And then when you find something you want (approximately once every ten seconds, according to my studies), you can pay for it with your bucks. I mean, some of those bucks involve no financial support from you. It's AMAZING.

And because we love each other and like to shop together, be sure to take advantage of the cool community vibe on Bib+Tuck. Follow your favorite users to keep tabs on what they're bibbing, tucking, loving, all that jazz. This is how you'll be able to score covetable things as soon as they hit the site. And you'll make friends, too, duh - friends like Kimberly Ovitz and Yigal Azrouel!  You can find your style soulmates.

So you join, you bond with partners in shopping, you earn points, you use them to shop. SO FUN, right? It doesn't even feel like you're shopping, it's so different from your run-of-the-mill e-commerce sites. There's more to it, since you can be social and play the game AND score stuff.

One of Bib + Tuck's two founders, Sari Bibliowicz says that she and the other founder, Sari Azout (Sari squared!), met in pre-school and then found each other again in college in New York (destiny!). Sari B. was working at Gilt Groupe and Sari A. was trading stocks when they had the idea for the site. She explained that she, Sari, and their friends were always borrowing each other's clothes and lending each other clothes - they even had things they wanted to swap out for good, giving them over for something that caught their eye in a friend's closet. That's when the idea hit - everyone does that swapping and loves it, so what if they could do it online, with way more people than the girlfriends that live nearby? Sari and Sari started tinkering with the idea and building the site, and it's thanks to a Vogue editor who wrote about Bib + Tuck in the very early stages that the girls fully launched it - so thanks, Miss Editor! The site has only been live since August (with its official launch in November) but it's already taking online shopping by storm with tons of followers that include some fashion heavy-hitters. And with the site's unique spin, who could be surprised?

As far as what you can find on Bib + Tuck, here are some of Sutton's and my favorite items:

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