Thursday, November 7, 2013

DIY Hair Clips & Combs

I love hair things - headbands, clips, ties and bobby pins. They are all perfect fixes for a bad hair day. But, let's admit it, they can be super boring. Yes, I have diamond jewelry (thanks Daddy) but no, I don't rock diamond hair clips. But if you're holiday shopping for me, please feel free to hook me up with some!

It was time to amp up some of my hair things. Nothing completes your look like little details.

I had some hair combs lying around. I never wore them because they just don't do anything for me. Until I decorated them! I started by using my hot glue gun to attach some plastic gems in a straight line along the top.

After that, I turned the clip over and glued on a few more gems, attaching them to the backside.

Tucked into my messy bun, this clip distracted everyone from my messy bed-head hair.

I had another one that I decided to do differently. I started by wrapping it in a few strands of pink string. I tied knots at the ends and just cut off the excess when I was done.

 Then I took one blue string and criss-crossed it around the pink string. Finally, I glued two tiny gems to the ends of the clip.

Remember being in middle school and snapping clips all over your head? Yeah, not a great look. But, what can I say? These clips really keep your hair in place and don't move all day. But the bright blue just wasn't working for me - it needed a pretty update.

I had an old, pink tee shirt which I cut into strips. And zigzagged my scissors to make this shape.

Using a needle and thread, I wrapped the fabric and sewed it up. Followed by a second piece of fabric, cut in the same shape, I sewed them together.

Lastly, I glued a gem to the top of my flower, and glued the flower to the clip.

A super cute detail to any braid!

Perfectly Glossed Kisses,