Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Grow Long Hair Fast

Is there anything worse than wanting your hair to grow long ASAP? I want my hair to be long and I want it right now! If you're like me, and are tired of waiting, I have some tips to speed up the process. No, your hair isn't going to grow a foot overnight, but it will grow faster than you think. 

Keep these tips in mind and you'll be enjoying long, healthy hair in no time.

• Ease up on the shampoo.
Washing your hair everyday strips it of natural oils. This dries out your hair and leads to breakage.

• Bite the bullet and rinse with cold water. 
Cold water won't dry out your hair the way hot water will. I know it's unpleasant, I didn't say this would be easy! Before you get out of the shower, rinse your hair with the coldest water you can take. If you just can't fathom this, and who can blame you in the winter, wash your hair in the sink. At least your back won't feel that icy cold water!

• Stop roughly towel-drying your hair.
This roughs up hairs cuticles and gives you split ends. Your best option is to pat your hair dry, or at least squeeze out the water, but never rub it with your towel. 

• Hold off from brushing while it's soaking wet.
This yanks on delicate hair. Wait until your hair starts to naturally dry before brushing. 

• No ponytails when your hair is dripping.
You know how your hair looks longer when it's wet? Well it IS longer - when your hair dries it shrinks, so if you pull it into a tight ponytail before it's started to dry, your hair will start to shrink as it dries and break off.

• Use an oil mask.
Hot oil masks will replenish moisture back into dry hair. You can buy one, or just slather your hair in coconut and almond oil. Leave the mask on damp hair, or better yet, put on a shower cap and blast your head with a blow dryer. The heat will help the mask penetrate the hair shafts.

• Start taking biotin vitamins.
These vitamins, usually taken by pregnant women, will get your hair growing at rapid speed, they will also do the same for your nails. But be warned - this makes hair everywhere grow faster, not just on your head. 

• Drink more water.
Staying hydrated will keep your hair healthy. Not to mention it's great for your skin, as well!

• Undo some of the damage with Thairapy's 365 Conditioning Tool.
From coloring, blow drying, curling, straightening and brushing to pollution, we put our hair through so much! This tool will help undo some of that damage. It looks like a straightener, but it doesn't get hot! After showering, apply the deep conditioner to damp hair and section by section run the tool over your hair, the same way you would a straightener. 

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