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SOF Scoop: Lindsay Degen of DEGEN

Lindsay Degen is quickly gaining speed - and a cult following. And we're pretty obsessed over here because she's doing it with a line that's so different, so stand-out, and so incredibly crafted. Her hand-knit designs are so unmistakably DEGEN, making them must-haves for that pop of crafty cool. With the fashion world taking serious note and a recent Victoria's Secret team-up, we were dying to ask Lindsay a few questions.
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SOF: One of the many things really interesting about DEGEN and your background is that knitting is such a bigger design phenomenon than I think a lot of us realize. Can you talk a little more about that world – what it was like to study at RISD and what your biggest influences were?  
Lindsay Degen: The craft of knitting has definitely expanded in a huge way to be practiced by tons of younger people- not just old ladies.  I think this phenomenon is similar to yoga in the way its hype has spread.  I don't think I was really aware of the "trend" until I graduated from college.  At RISD I studied knitting in a fine art context.  I was one of 2 or 3 people who really just focused in knitting.  At school and still today I draw influence from body stuff.  I am interested in making fashion art pieces that allow the audience to embrace and even laugh at body parts, functions, and shapes.  Hopefully my work makes people feel more comfortable talking about it.

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SOF: Where do you find inspiration for your designs now?  
LD: Again the body is a huge inspiration to me but also color and texture is important in my "design" or rather, making process.

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SOF: How have you found the reaction to your collections?   LD: Surprisingly my collections have been well received so far.  Some people think my work is too crafty but that may be because they are used to looking at collections that are made by people operating hi tech machines elsewhere.  There are not many hand made collections at fashion week.  

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SOF: What has been a really memorable stand-out moment since DEGEN started becoming so successful?   
LD: The most memorable moments have been: my first shoe order from Solestruck, my WWD cover, working with Todd Selby and really being able to collaborate with some amazing designers, and the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (which is actually today) but will air on TV December 10th. [DEGEN's directional, playfully cool knitted pieces were on display at the Victoria's Secret Pink show - see more here:]

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SOF: Where do you hope to see DEGEN go in the future?   
LD: I hope DEGEN continues to be a creative counter voice to the mainstream, consumer culture- based shows in NY.  I hope babyDEGEN hits babies all over the world.

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SOF: How would you describe your personal style?  
LD: I think first and foremost- comfortable.  I love a great sweater, some Levi's and Docs.

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SOF: A question we always ask on the blog: what is the last thing you bought?
LD: I just moved into a new apartment so I am on a home good kick- last thing I bought was this mug thats really awesome with a yellow rubber dipped handle.

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