Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Lazy Beauty Sunday with Mia Tempo Box

It has been MUCH too long since I have had a lazy beauty Sunday. I really needed a spa day, but it's just wasn't in the budget. Luckily, my Mia Tempo box arrived and I was able to have a Lazy Beauty Sunday!

Mia Tempo is a spa day delivered right to your front door, it brings spa treatments to you!

This monthly box is jam packed with all natural and organic items from socially conscience companies. Each month they choose a different charity to donate some of the portions to. Mia Tempo means 'me time' and they totally delivered. I had a lazy beauty Sunday preplanned for me and it couldn't have come at a better time.

I started by making myself a cup of tea. I am a big tea fan and have a cup of tea at least twice a day. Tea Forte is one of my favorite brands, so I was quite pleased to find two tea bags in this box. First I had the White Chai tea, which I added a splash of soy milk to.

Now that I've had my cup of tea, I was starting to unwind. I rarely take baths, because I don't usually have time. But, it was a lazy beauty Sunday so I had cleared my whole day and had all the time in the world. I poured in the Dead Sea Bath Soak and my whole bathroom filled with a delicious aroma!


After soaking for a bit, I used the Cream Body Scrub. The salt, charcoal, blueberry and poppy seeds make this scrub grainy enough to smooth my skin, yet it's cream based so wasn't at all harsh.

Once I rinsed off the scrub, I dried off and applied the Deep Moisture Lotion. This non-greasy lotion was moisturizing, while not being too heavy. I always try to apply lotion after a bath or shower, but it's a must if you used a body scrub.

Don't worry, Mia Tempo didn't forget your face. I used the Wild Rose Mask. This clay mask deep cleaned my pores and wasn't drying.

While the mask was on my face, I lit the Jane Auston Paddywax Candle. This flowery scented candles base is tuberose. Tuberose is, by far, my favorite scent. So fresh smelling and just the right amount of sweet, without being overpowering. Many of my perfumes have a tuberose base.

After rinsing off the mask (which left my skin uber soft) I applied the Wild Rose Eye Cream. This non irritating cream is great for even the most sensitive skin and is extremely moisturizing. 

Ahh I was completely relaxed after my at home spa day. I made my second cup of tea, a refreshing Belgium Mint, and read my new copy of Marie Claire. 

When I woke up on Monday morning, I was feeling completely rejuvenated and my skin looked amazing. I used the EcoTools Four Piece Touch-Up Brush Set. These tiny brushes are perfect for travel. They are currently living in my desk drawer at work.

Perfectly Glossed Kisses,


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