Thursday, November 21, 2013

Haute Legs Monthly Box Review

Tights, leggings, hosiery... need I say more? Haute Legs has it all! I just received my first monthly box and I am thrilled! 

This monthly box is truly one of a kind - no need to worry if you will receive items that you wouldn't actually wear, because you take a quiz! This ensures that you will LOVE what you get - as I did!

The first step is telling them your style. They ask you six multiple choice questions to best determine which box will best suit you.

•Which off-duty celeb style is most like your own?

•Which magazine are you most likely to go to for style advice?

•Which is these modern manicures are you most likely to wear?

•Which celeb legwear looks is your fav?

•Which store would you most likely shop?

•How often do you wear tights, leggings or hosiery?

After choosing your answers, it's time to find out which package is perfect for you!

•Mix it Up - This is the box that I got! Perfect if your wardrobe features a mix of everything and you don't stick with one specific look. From runway inspired designs to classic staples, this box has you covered.

•Make It Haute - Are you daring and love to test all the hottest trends? Then this box is for you - bright colors, sexy details and bold patterns will keep your look fresh. 

•Work It - Wear tights and stockings to the office everyday? Do you want to be classic with a few subtle details to set you apart, while being work appropriate? Yup, this is your box - with neutral, classic leg wear. Never run around your apartment in the morning trying to find a pair of leg wear that doesn't have a run or snag again. 

The second step is choosing your package - how often do you wear leggings, stockings or tights? Do you need two or three pairs a month?

The last step? Easy. Just enjoy your beautiful leg wear!

What did I get, you ask? Well to sum it up, three pairs of perfection!

First, I wore these stockings which were great for work with a fun twist. They are sheer black stockings, but have a detail down the back of my legs. SO many compliments!

I had a business meeting last week and needed a classy look. The sheer stockings (my second pair that came!) were perfect.

OMG - how fun are these? These patterned leggings are so fun and original, without being obnoxious. The black and white coloring makes them easy to wear with anything.

Perfectly Glossed Kisses,


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  1. I love leggings!! Especially patterned ones! Thanks for sharing :) I've just followed you on GFC, looking forward to your next post love!!

    xoxo, Mango ❤
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