Thursday, November 14, 2013

Go Clean Your Hairbrush Right Now!

You know how important it is to clean your makeup brushes. They attract germs, get filled with old makeup buildup, and don't work as well. The same goes for your hairbrush. Dead skin cells, oils, product buildup and hair, will make your hairbrush less effective and overall gross!

Would you run your fingers through your hair if you NEVER washed your hands and they had left over hair products, oil and dirt on them? I didn't think so. The same goes for your hair brush. You don't need to clean your hairbrush as often as your hands, or even your makeup brushes, but you can't ignore it forever.

I suggest owning two hairbrushes - I have an all plastic brush and my Mason Pearson (boar bristles and a rubber pad) hairbrush. Some hair products work best, like hairspray, when applied directly to a brush - I use the plastic one for this, it's very easy to clean and harsh products won't ruin it. The Mason Pearson brush is more delicate and I treat it more gently. But, both brushes need proper care and cleaning.

Left over hair strands should be removed once a week, depending on how often you brush your hair and how much hair you shed, and is left behind in your brush.

Use a comb to (gently) loosen hairs stuck in the bristles. Start on the sides of your brush, insert the teeth of the comb as close as you can to the pad and wiggle it across the whole brush. You can also do this with a bobby pin, and pull out the hair as you go. This technique is ideal for all types of hairbrushes.

About once a month you should be deep cleaning your hairbrush. Do this more often if you notice oil, dirt or product build up on the bristles or pad.

When cleaning you should use a gentle soap or shampoo - baby shampoo is perfect. Fill your sink with warm water, add the soap or shampoo and lather up the water. For a boar bristle or rubber padded brush, like a Mason Pearson, you will dip just the bristles in the water, not the entire hairbrush, as this will ruin the pad. For an all plastic brush, you don't need to be as careful - you can get the entire brush wet because it doesn't have a rubber pad. Gently clean off all of the buildup and rinse with warm water until all of the soap residue is gone.

Shake off the excess water, don't drag the brush across a towel - this pulls on the brushes teeth. Lay it flat and upside down to dry.

Now your hairbrushes are like new again and you hair will thank you!

Perfectly Glossed Kisses,


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  1. Fantastic advice! I use a Mason Pearson brush with boar and nylon bristles and I absolutely love it. Not to sound too dramatic, but it has seriously changed my hair. I just cannot recommend it enough. I'd love to try their all boar bristle brushes too! My MS brush came with a little cleaning brush. I wet the cleaning brush with water and a mild shampoo and gently run it through my brush to clean it. It works wonders!