Monday, November 11, 2013

Vineyard Vines Spring 2014 Collection Sneak Peek

I hadn't previously paid much attention to Vineyard Vines, and unless your style is true blue prep, you might have not either. I didn’t expect to personally fall for anything at the line’s Spring 2014 collection preview, but knew Sutton would be able to use it as a preview of her wardrobe for next summer in the Hamptons. Imagine my surprise when I pretty much swooned for every outfit. Was it the styling? Simply the clothes themselves? A mixture of both? Am I preppy now? Who am I

The answer is simple, and far less existential crisis-inducing than my initial reaction. Vineyard Vines is, yes, a preppy brand. But their aesthetic is evolving to be the kind of preppiness anyone can work into their wardrobe, no matter your style personality. Most of us like to play around with different looks from time to time. My everyday look tends to be downtown, even borderline grunge, but I totally fall for a sweet printed dress from time to time and love the challenge of making that dress my own with my own styling twists. If you work a different look into your style routine, it takes on a different aesthetic because of how you, personally, wear it. I cannot wait to work one of these Vineyard Vines anchor sweaters, boat-print dresses and rose-print skirts into my spring closet. It will completely refresh your look with a kick of newness that you can still make your own. (And making it even easier to do this is the line's affordable price range of $30 to $300.)

There hasn’t been a more perfect vacation wardrobe than this collection – it made me reconsider my sort of anti-Hamptons stance. Or, at least, Martha’s Vineyard, the inspiration and driving force of the brand. Next summer I want to be strolling the Vineyard wearing these clothes. Which made it kind of torturous to see these too-perfect designs when winter is only just about to start…

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