Monday, November 4, 2013

Sneak Peek: Alon Livne Spring 2014 Collection

It’s really rare to discover a line in fashion that is completely and utterly unique. You can’t think of one line that already exists that it’s like. You can draw connections to certain aspects – gowns that flow like Marchesa confections, elaborate embellishments-on-embellishments like Balmain, for example – but the actual aesthetic is all its own. I geek out when I find a line that’s like this, truly one-of-a-kind, and the latest is Alon Livne. Sutton and I were both stunned into speechlessness – a very rare occurrence – at getting a close look at this line. I’d known about Livne and seen a few designs, but in person? The Spring 2014 collection? Mind: blown. We couldn’t get over how sharply, strikingly futuristic it was and yet how beautifully feminine and ethereal it was at the same time. Space-age and heavenly. Like what a super feminine bride would wear on some faraway planet. These designs are truly something you’d dream up, then dream of wearing. Don’t take my word for it – Beyonce’s a big fan and wore Livne’s creations on her recent tour. If that’s not the stamp of holy-Moses-this-is-something-really-special, I don’t know what is.

When you read about his background, it starts to make sense – Livne is part born genius, part trained by the best. He started out honing his craft at Alexander McQueen in London and was appointed to the eveningwear and couture department of Roberto Cavalli at just 22. There you have it – the drama and incredible craftsmanship at McQueen, the impossible glamour at Cavalli…after winning the version of Project Runway in his native Israel, Livne soon moved to showing at New York Fashion Week – and the rest is history. The kind of history you need to wear for your next formal occasion or, you know, worldwide tour.

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