Sunday, January 20, 2013

Lazy Beauty Sunday

I am tired, crabby and do not want to leave my apartment for the entire day. Having said that, I needed something to do. What do I do when I'm bored? Yup, have a day of beauty.

I have not been pleased with my skin recently, this cold, dry weather doesn't agree with my skin. I tried concentrating on my face first. I used IOMA's gentle exfoliating emulsion. This cleanser really cleans out my pores. I apologize for the TMI, but it "dissolves the oxidized tips of blackheads". They claim it, and I fully back them up after using this product to clean my face. It will work for you as well, blackheads are a thing of the past.

Now that my skin finally feels clean and refreshed, I am onto Luminaze Catalytic skin tone illuminator. After I apply this evenly over my face I know that I am now on my way to brighter, more even skin. Of course there are specific parts of my face that need brightening more, dark spots are just that: spots. Too many products have to be applied to the specific area, the spots, that needs help. One of the reasons I especially love this one is because it works hard on the spots I need it to and less on the areas of my face that I don’t.

As I already mentioned, the winter is rough on my skin. This chilly, dry weather doesn’t only do damage on my face; it effects my whole body! I apply a thick layer of EltaMD intensive moisturizer all over my body. This cream melts into my skin quickly and spreads perfectly. It locks in moisture for over 24 hours and leaves my skin super soft.


My skin is perfect now perfect head to toe. Time to light my Beauty Society Success scented candle and truly relax. I am candle obsessed, I like to always have one burning. This soy candle smells like sweet peach and flowers, yum! I love how it turns my entire apartment into a tropical paradise. It is now easy to ignore the cold outdoors.

Time for me to kick back and read Lucky Magazine’s Style Guide.

Perfectly Glossed Kisses,


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