Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Midoma: Salon, Art Gallery, Boutique...Heaven

I cannot tell you how tired I had gotten at looking at Astor's split ends. I love her long hair but it was getting ridiculous. I mean, look at this:

Every time I have made her an appointment or had her clear her schedule "something dire arose". She may not, but I will tell you about a few of her last minute dire necessities: Bergdorf had a sale, someone spilled a drink on her Pashli tote, or my personal favorite, she found one of Daddy's credit cards and immediately ran to Barney's to shop before he noticed and cancelled it. Actually that last one was worth missing a hair cut for, hence the super cute Mark Jacobs wallet I currently have tucked in my nag. Anyway I had finally had enough and came up with the perfect idea.

Me: Want to get a haircut tonight?
Astor: Nah, I really need some retail therapy.
*awful excuse because I know for a fact she shopped on her lunch break.
Me: In that case do you want to come with me to this amazing spot in midtown that has cool jewelry, clothing and art work all by local designers?
Astor: Um, yes, go get your coat stat.
Ahh mission accomplished. No, I didn't lie to her, I brought her with me to Midoma. We entered this store/salon (yes, you heard me correctly) and we were instantly in heaven. I know you're probably confused so I'll give you a bit more info. This salon is amazing, I don't know how they do it (witchcraft maybe?) but you leave with better looking hair than a Suave commercial. Their crazy, amazing hair skills won't be the only thing driving you back again and again. The one of a kind jewelry, clothing and artwork will leave you stunned and dying to know who they will be featuring in the next few weeks. I am confident and thrilled to report that Astor is on board to get regular cuts. But I'll let Astor fill you in on her experience.

I am a total "my hair is my security blanket" type of girl. I am the girl who cries right there in the salon chair when the stylist cuts her hair a centimeter too short. Everyone tries to assure me they can't even tell the difference. I don't know if they're lying or not, but all that matters is that I can. I finally just gave up. That's right, people, judge away on your high horses that also judge, but I don't remember the last time I got my hair cut. There was a period there when my split ends bothered me, but I got over it. My hair touched my waist. And then some. (You see, when your ends are as dead as mine, they're all different lengths. One part of my hair touched my shoulder, another my knee...) Well, Sutton had had enough. She is basically a spoiled brat who thinks my hair affects her more than me because she has to see it more than me, who only sees it in a mirror. She went behind my back and booked me an appointment at Midoma like the pushy host of some TLC makeover show. I begrudgingly went, thinking maybe if I actually guided the stylist's hand, he or she could just cut some of the deadest of dead ends off and leave me with luxurious length.

Since that's all I had in mind, when my stylist, Yukihiro, asked me what I wanted, I stuttered and stammered and did some things with my hands. I had no idea. I just knew it need a dead ends cleansing, a trim I couldn't notice, and the front needed...something. I haven't done anything with the front chunk of my hair since I grew my bangs out, so now they just hang there. But I couldn't express this into words, shameful for a writer/blogger/word person. Which is why my stylist was. So. Amazing. He just got it. He played around with my hair for a while it was dry, experimenting with different parts and layers and shapes to show me how it would look before he even touched a pair of scissors. He didn't cut a snip without checking with me first, so my length is still in tact, and the front? He did what I didn't even know I wanted. I couldn't imagine that look existed, but snip, snip, snip - there it was. Perfection. It's literally the best haircut I've ever gotten. The first time I haven't cried and certainly the first time I left with a big stupid grin on my face. I know I didn't do anything extreme - though I would certainly go right back to Yukihiro if I ever wanted to - but sometimes I think it says even more about a stylist when he or she can give you exactly what you wanted without even hearing the words. He was a mind reader.

I will probably never trust any salon again other than Midoma (yes, I have trust issues, but only with my hair), but the good news is that now at least I'll actually go get my hair cut! I'm pretty thrilled to pieces that I have somewhere to go now. And it certainly doesn't hurt that Sutton found a place that's just so us. I love that I can shop clothes and jewelry and peruse the coolest new art in New York all in the same experience. Perfection.

Amazing news if you're an artist or designer in New York: Midoma might want to feature you! It's an incredible opportunity to have your creations featured in a chic space of discerning taste, where some of New York's most stylish will see it and have the chance to fall in love with it. Midoma changes out its collections every few weeks and is looking for artists and designers to feature! If you're interested, contact Marianna at: Marianna@midoma.com

Handbags and Hugs,


PS - Yukihiro's shoes!

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