Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Introducing Mallzee

Sutton and I like to shop. We like to talk. You know this. We wouldn’t be here if that weren’t true – so true, in fact, that it’s just about the only things we do. Kidding – sort of. Anyway, this means we like sites that combine shopping with socializing. Shopping + social media = happiness and I’ll tell you why. Sutton’s a bit more level-headed, but personally, I am a chronic paranoid neurotic shopper incapable of making decisions for myself. Oh, I can for other people. And insist on doing so even if my opinion was not asked for. (Again, this is why we’re here, people.) But for myself, I just can never decide, it's too overwhelming! I have improved – I no longer buy one of everything only to end up selling it all at Buffalo Exchange a year later, tags still on (sorry, Daddy). But I still need help deciding – that’s where you folks come in, and why I need and trust your opinions.
In addition, I would also like to have my own department store. Because where else can you find the perfect mix of high and low? Why can’t I shop my favorite brands from Bergdorf at the same time as I shop Urban Outfitters? WHY? It keeps me awake at night.
And then came Mallzee.
It’s the answer to all of my problems. It has everything I want to shop. It allows me to consult other shoppers (thank goodness) and brag about my buys (double thank goodness), and it allows me to create my own store stocked with the brands I love, even if those brands don’t get along with each other. Doesn’t matter because it’s MY world in Mallzee. And you can your world, too. It's okay, I'll allow it. I want you to feel this joy.
Basically, you create your own "mall" by picking all your favorite brands - from over 200. Then Mallzee finds you discounts on the brands in your mall. You can talk to other shoppers - about your mall, their mall, whether you think Wang at Balenciaga is a good idea, whatevs. AND you can earn money if shoppers buy from your mall. I know. It's all too much to take in.
Mallzee just had its soft launch - most features are available except for exciting aspects to come like Mallzee dollars. Go sign up, get invited, then you can start! You'll personalize your preferences by rating items and clicking on your favorite stores. Right now the most options are available for our lovely UK readers, but there are still plenty to choose from for us in the States! Go forth and mingle, make friends, find your favorite stores and items, and most importantly, shop.

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