Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Smoky Eye Arsenal

Smoky eyes are one of my favorite looks. Perfect for a night out and easy to accomplish. I am going to share my secret arsenal so you too can have your own Sutton smoky eye.

I always start with an eye cream. Start the day that is, wrinkles and smoky eyes are just not attractive. REN's Bottle of Youth anti-aging eye cream is one of my favs. Obviously it reduces the appearance of any lines around my eyes but it also firms, brightens and hydrates. 

I also need to have amazing brows. This makes a huge difference in appearance. I start with Tweezerman's Eyehance Pencil. On one end of this duel-ended pencil there is a brow filler; no need to look as though you have thinning brows. This is great for me because my eyebrows are super light. On the other end of the pencil is a highlighter that I apply just under my brow bone. Boom instantly lit up eyes. Now that your brows look amazing you need them to stay put! Swipe on a bit of Tweezerman's Browmousse and you're set all night.

I always start my eye makeup application with Shadow Shields. These self-adhesive shields are easy placed under my eye to catch all of the shadow that falls. Nothing is more annoying then having to use a wipe under your eyes after you're done with your eye makeup!

Most important step? Shadow. A foolproof way to go is to use Beauty Society's Smoky Eye Kit. It comes in a cute bamboo box with three shades: Flower Child, Ginger and Blackout. It also includes a super easy step by step booklet. Now you have your entire palette ready and there is no guess work.

Obviously you need some eye liner to perfect this look. The best, best, best is Le Joli Crayon Eye liner in black (also comes in brown). The liner has two sides: a soft gel pencil and a smudger. This comes in handy when working on a smoky eye.

Mascara will truly make or break this look. You need big, beautiful, fluttery lashes. I use (and highly recommend) Beauty Society's Enormous Mascara. Long lasting, clump free and the best part? It actually increases the length and thickness of your own lashes if you use it everyday!


Fake eyelashes can either be gorgeous or grotesque; it all depends on what kind you use. Of course you want long, thick lashes but god forbid they look fake. Trust me, you do not want to look like you have hundreds of black widow spider legs sticking off your face. Which is why I only wear Eylure lashes. They look completely natural but give you that extra oomph. You cut them to custom fit your eye and they are reusable for many smoky eyes to come. They are easy to apply and easy to remove.

Okay, so your eye makeup is finished but there is one last step: your lips. If I am doing a dramatic lip (ie. a red lip) I will keep my eye makeup simple. So the same applies here: dramatic eyes= simple lip. It doesn't mean you have to keep them dry, it means you need to keep them sheer and light. Every time I do a smoky eye I finish with Napoleon Perdis's Luminous Lip Veil in Pretty in Peach. This super creamy formula leaves my lips soft and the color goes perfectly with smoky eyes.

Thanks to me (if I do so say myself) you went out with your gorgeous smoky eyes and got a ton of compliments. Cut to the end of the night and now you're home. While I have shown you how to create the perfect smoky eye and to make it last all night, that does not mean you can sleep with your makeup still on. I know, you're so tired, you swear you will take it off in the morning, blah blah blah. Well too bad. But don't worry, you can do it in a few seconds. Do what I do: use Yes to Cucumbers Eye Makeup Removing Pads; gentle, hypoallergenic, cooling, non-irritating pre-moistened pads. Swipe, swipe and you're finished, no washing required. Bonus: they soothe and tighten.

Perfectly Glossed Kisses,



  1. You should have put up a finished shot of your eye make up so we have a visual to reference.

    1. You're totally right and we'll make sure future posts always have finished shots! And I will add a pic to this one the next time I do a smokey eye :)