Monday, January 14, 2013

SOF Street Style

Having a fashion and beauty blog that doesn't delve into street style is like...I don't know, having a food blog that doesn't talk about food? Or, some equally ridiculous comparison. So, we're making a sort of late New Year's resolution to bring you more here and there, whether it's us, our friends, people we see on the street, and eventually, you. Yes, YOU. Not in the pajamas you're wearing, exactly - unless, they're Stella or Equipment or Giulietta, obvs - but in your street style finest. But that's to come, I digress.

Today's street style spotlight falls on our lovely friend, Nia. Writer, blogger, photographer, stylist, all-around fashion renaissance girl - she knows how to bring style staples to life with a definite unique spin. This shot is amazing, it literally leaps to life. The genius background she's found illuminates the technicolored hues of her sweater, bag and shoes, for a laid-back look that's totally high-octane. Whether you love her or hate her out of jealousy for it (but you wouldn't be that mean, right?), you can't deny her ability to make it look so darn effortless is inspiring. So, go forth, be inspired, and be brighter.

Handbags and Hugs,


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