Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mascara: The Skinny on What's Best for Your Lashes

Sutton may be the beauty guru, but there's one makeup-related thing I'm obsessed with: mascara. It's the one part of my makeup routine I really care about, since it's often the only statement-making thing I wear on my face, aside from when I decide to wear lipstick. And in those cases, it's the perfect complement to a bold lip, too. It doesn't compete. Bold, long, black lashes can stand on their own or be the perfect partner to red lips. I've even done the false lash thing, I love lashes so much, and only stopped because I like my makeup routine super low-maintenance. Therefore, I rely on mascaras. The more dramatic - without looking fake - the better. So, there's basically nothing more perfect for a mascara-phile like me than Sephora's mascara sampler. I tried each one compared to my tried and true regular mascara. First, the samplers:
Makeup Forever: Smoky Lash

Glad I found this one. It gives great volume with a splash of drama and leaves lashes really lush. Combine it with a flick of black eyeliner and this one's deadly. I can see exactly why it's called Smoky Lash, it's the ideal accompaniment to a smoky eye. Love, love, love.

Sephora: Outrageous Volume

 Avoid at all costs. Tarantula eyes, and I mean major killer tarantula. I suppose the volume is actually outrageous - outrageously clumpy and stiff.
Stila: Stay All Day

This is a good one for both length and volume. It doesn't do anything crazy like some of the "false eyelashes in a tube!" mascaras, but it doesn't claim to, either. It stays all day, it's telling the truth. And it gives you some volume, length and everyday-normal-drama to boot.

Buxom: Buxom Lash

Okay. Not amazing. But good. Doesn't leave you too clumpy (a little) or stiff but also doesn't grant you amazing length or volume. So, while not a bad choice, I don't see why you'd bother.

Benefit: Bad Gal Lash

This might be my favorite of the pack! But, everything Benefit is wonderful - WONDERFUL, I tell you. This gives me the vavavoom that Benefit is known for - long, voluminous, black, dramatic eyelashes that still look natural, like I was born with old Hollywood glamour girl lashes.

Bare Minerals: Flawless Definition

This is perfect for what I call "headshot lashes." When actors get headshots done, they need to present the best version of their natural face - highlight what they have. So they'd use a mascara like this. It doesn't add crazy length or volume, it keeps lashes super natural. It just adds the slightest hint of "oomph" and, well, definition. So, this might be a good option for daytime if you just want your lashes to like, stand at attention.
And now, for my regular in rotation...
Maybelline: Illegal Length

My favorite. Drama-drama-drama. Those who aren't lash-obsessed might want to leave this for after dark, but I am obsessed with lashes, the longer the better. Mascara is usually the only eye makeup I wear, and I think it can be such an effortlessly glam look to just wear some pow mascara. This brings the length but no clumps. And it doesn't even take that many coats to get there. ALTHOUGH, now that I see the pictures side by side, Benefit may have finally changed my ways! I think their drama's a little more natural looking, no?

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