Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Five Questions with Jordan Holt of Exclusively Chic!

Sutton and I were instantly smitten with the blog Exclusively Chic when we found it. Its creator, Jordan Holt, has a vibrant personality and style that simply radiates from each of her posts - her voice is honest, unique, personable...basically you want to be her best friend. Plus, her fashion eye is sharp, like so sharp it will help you never over-pay for style. She does the work for you with posts like this. You know it's not often someone is so infectiously awesome that it actually makes Sutton and I act...nicely. So, we obviously had to interview Jordan for this month's blogger feature.

SOF: If you could only wear one designer for the rest of your life - but had unlimited access to everything from that label - what would it be?
EC: Zac Posen. And I would love every minute of it! 
SOF: What are your favorite three things in your closet?
EC: Christian Louboutin Black Pumps (my first big investment), Rebecca Taylor tan leather jacket, and skinny jeans by Paige Denim.
SOF: What made you decide to start a blog, and what's your favorite thing about blogging?
EC: I started a blog to channel the overflow of creative energy I had built up during law school. I felt gravity pulling me away from black letter law and toward the colors of the runway. My favorite thing about blogging is being your own makeshift journalist. I enjoy forging relationships with retailers, bloggers, and researching the industry. It keeps me plugged in, which I always like. 
SOF: What is your favorite go-to brick-and-mortar store? And online store?
EC: Locally, there is a store called Indigo in Germantown that has been my go-to for over a decade now. Otherwise, J.Crew. As for online shopping, Piperlime and ShoeMint compete for my attention on a regular basis. 
SOF: What is the last thing you bought?
EC: Funny you should ask...I am waiting on this purchase to ship today! After a healthy amount of skepticism regarding the sneaker wedges, I found a pair that I could not get off of my mind. They are black Steve Madden Olympia sneakers coming to me via Piperlime, and I could not be more excited. Certain trends aren't for everyone, but this one I happen to like. Besides, I promised myself I would take more risks in 2013...so I am starting early. 
Handbags, Hugs and Perfectly Glossed Kisses,
Astor and Sutton 

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