Monday, January 7, 2013

Re-Creating a Look without Selling Out

There are times to splurge and times to save. Sometimes, you need to invest in the real deal designer item, because you adore that designer, because it's a timeless staple, because it's just so beautiful. Other times, the trend is just that, a fleeting trend, and the item is so trend-driven it seems ill-advised to spend a month's pay on something that will barely be in style come the next paycheck. You love the look, you want it, you need it - so you need to find a cheaper spin. Then you delve into the gray area, that fine line between pieces that inspired by a designer-started trend, and pieces that are just downright knock-offs. Sometimes a stroll through Zara can make you blush, their pieces are so blatantly, shamelessly similar to their original inspirations. Same with some of my other favorites, like Minusey or Romwe. 

So, here are some amazing, drool-worthy trend pieces and the off-brand styles that won't cost you your savings account or your dignity. They'll definitely have you working the look, but you also won't look like a total knock-off sellout.

The original:

The Carven Renaissance Painting Skirt (previously freaked out over here)

There's something to be said for owning the original of this - its print is so different, so innovative - the skirt is actually a work of art in and of itself. But if you can't find it around (it sold out quickly on most sites) or if you just want to achieve that crazy unique pattern with what's in your wallet, Romwe has some options:

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