Thursday, January 10, 2013

Normal People are Street Style Stars, Too - Volume II

We're back with another street style look anyone can master. Street style is the stuff fashion fantasies are made of, but it's often as intimidating as it is inspiring. Sutton and I make a point to look our favorite street style snaps in the face and assertively announce "we can do that, too!" Now that I've admitted that, I realize how crazy we may look yelling at pictures. ANYWAY. The reason you spend hours poring over sites like Jak & Jil and The Sartorialist is because you want to feel inspired, so you want to know you can actually do something with that motivation without refinancing your home or adopting a diet of canned vegetables. 

This look just pops - the bright coat, the printed pants, the statement earrings. And the reason it's really a must to recreate is that all of these pieces work so well on their own, so indulging in this outfit is such a good investment. You can play the bold coat or pants down with neutral pieces, mix and match, or wear them together to get this eye-catching look. And you don't even have to spend a fortune to add these forever-chic staples to your wardrobe. Or work too hard, for that matter - I found every one of these pieces right at Asos. (Oh, and PS: this shot doesn't show shoes, but I recommend a black or solid-hued pump to elongate the leg with the pants, and anchor the other colors going on.)

For the statement earrings:


For the coat:

For the pants:

For the clutch:
Handbags & Hugs,


  1. I could totally use some of those earrings! Great post!

  2. This is a great the coats color, printed pants and earrings!!! You have (absolutely) given me some ideas about how to work my printed pants and solid color coats!!! :)