Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Top Ten Accessories to Transform Your Look

I'm a big accessories advocate. I subscribe to the school of thought that accessories hold the power to make or break an outfit. It's all in the details, people. The simplest t-shirt and jeans can look like the holy grail of street style with some - even one! - amazing statement accessories. Fashion jewelry is worth the investment in because it's timeless, and will always be able to elevate any passing outfit into luxe territory. So, I give you my top ten wish/dream/shopping list of accessories. Think about making one of them your next wardrobe-changing investment, or use them as inspiration to find your own versions.

Ann Dexter Jones Design's signature ID bracelet is an example of the rare perfect merge of classic and cool. This will literally never go out of style, and because it's understated, it's feminine yet bold. We're obsessed with this version, inlaid with wood. It's edgy, it's minimalist, it's striking - makes the investment so worth it.

Tom Binns' safety pin cuff is the most timeless form of punk chic. It's quirky and surrealist in the sense that it's a giant safety pin that wraps around your wrist, but thanks to its freedom from bling it's still an easy complement to any outfit and will always and forever be cool. It's either the perfect partner to a downtown look or just a hint of attitude for an outfit that's more reserved. 

Every girl needs som Dannijo in her life/jewelry box. These earrings define the brand's eclectic, uptown-meets-downtown, completely and utterly unique aesthetic. They promise to stand out against any outfit and/or any hairstyle - they're easily the coolest way to sparkle. 

We're constantly excited by how shockingly different in a very good way that Joomi Lim's jewelry is. It's opulence with edge - chains, spikes, pearls, crystals, rainbow threads - usually all in one piece. Can you statement-making? Investing in one of these necklaces - namely this stunner - is the smartest jewelry buy because it will forever reinvent your entire wardrobe. It will transform the most basic of t-shirts and crown printed dresses. 

Another thing every girl needs: a Maison Martin Margiela cuff. Sleek, minimalist, bold - definitively timeless in such a cool way. There is no outfit under the sun this cuff wouldn't go with - and instantly elevate. Bonus: sleek cuffs are SO in right now. 

Another form of rock-cool attitude that is so truly timeless. How can punk spikes be so incredibly elegant? These strike the ultimately perfect balance between feminine and tough. They're edgy but sparkle in a twinkly starlight kind of way, plus they're small and couldn't resist wearing these every single day. 

One of Pamela Love's favorite things is the arrowhead, so this ring is kind of like buying into her signature style. It's unique in a Southwestern-meets-downtown way - statement- making, unexpected and just a little gritty.


Are you getting the moral here, folks? Timeless, timeless, timeless. You will never not like a necklace that says "I love" in French. It's cute, it's sweet, it's feminine, it's fun - when would you not be able to wear this?

Made Her Think's starkly modern approach to edge makes this minimalist ring a must-have - you'll be hard-pressed to find something that mimics the line's style, specifically in this ring. Two simple bands linked by delicate chain - it's different enough to stand out but pared-back enough to wear everyday.

This is the perfect buy for the aspiring Rock Stud owner. You might not have $2,000 to drop on the bag, but these Rock Stud cuffs are tres affordable and pack the same punch. Just as you would with one of the bags, let it punctate any and every outfit with the most polished form of tough-luxe pop. 

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