Monday, January 14, 2013

Lips On Your Nails


Astor knows me better than anybody, which is why I wasn't surprised when she bought me the book "DIY Nail Art" by Catherine Rodgers. Although, after looking through the book I believe she may have had a selfish motive: the book included instruction on how to do a penguin nail (which I now know she is dying for me do on her nails). Either way, the book is awesome and I'm going to show you the mani I did last night: the lips theme nails.

Not surprisingly, the lips basically jumped off the page at me. What can I say? I love lips. While I was a bit nervous about the difficulty level, it turned out to be a totally do-able design. I started by painting my ring fingers with BB nail polish in Coconut Meringue and the rest of my nails with BB nail polish in Fairy Blood.

After letting them dry completely, I used the end of a bobby pin to paint the hearts. The book recommended a thin nail paint brush which I didn't have, that definitley would make this easier. Just dip your brush or in this case bobby pin in the white polish and paint hearts. It's easiest to do two tiny diagonal lines to make the heart.

Next I painted the lips. A paint brush would have made this much easier! I used a tiny tool with a point on the end. The book showed how to paint the lips leaving a white line in the middle which makes the lips really pop. The tool I used did not lend itself to this option. I painted the full lips and let them dry. Then I used the tool to make a tiny white line across the middle of the nail.





I love the end result of this mani, too cute! If like me, you too always have perfectly glossed kisses, I highly recommend rocking them on your fingers. This would also make a great Valentine's Day manicure.
Perfectly Glossed Kisses (and nails!),

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