Monday, December 17, 2012

KiraKira Jewelry

I love jewelry. I am a fanatical believer in in the power of jewelry to transform your entire look, to make or break your outfit. You can take the simplest basics and pop on an amazing accessory and suddenly your look is fresh, unique, intrinsically stylish. We've seen the results of this time and time again - I lent Sutton the Eddie Borgo scorpion necklace a couple of weeks ago to jazz up a plain black top she was wearing and people literally stopped her on the street all day to comment on the piece. That being said, both of us are super picky about jewelry, because after a while, when you shop it so much, it all starts to look the same. We have a few go-to designers, and are constantly going to markets and pop-ups searching for our next favorite, but they all blur together. That's why we were so excited to find KiraKira Jewelry.

I can honestly say I've never seen anything quite like KiraKira. It's bold yet delicate, stand-out yet utterly feminine, unique yet easy to wear everyday. It's insanely beautifully crafted and ever so intricately detailed. It just glitters and catches the light so perfectly, without ever being over the top. There are three main themes going on that I am personally obsessed with and am pretty confident you will be, too. There is a whole group of sea-inspired jewelry, then there is a group of Marakesh-inspired pieces (with designs that are reminiscent of striking Moroccan tiles and architecture), and of course the geological wonders, the geode and agate-encrusted jewelry. And to hear the designer, Suz Somersall, talk about her inspiration really makes these different aesthetics all the more special and covetable. As far as the oceanic pieces, Somersall really wanted to bring nature to life. And she succeeded. The most intricate of details gives every piece texture and a sense of realistic and understated yet stylized grace. She designed the pieces to really interact with the wearer - earrings that curve in toward the jaw line to complement the face, a starfish cuff that wraps around the arm as if it's part of you. Somersall took a different yet equally artistic approach with the Moroccan-influenced pieces. She took the inspiration from the graphic surroundings of Marakech and simplified everything, stripping patterns down to their bare essentials. The result is a collection of eye-catching, exotic patterns that are somehow simultaneously bold in their minimalism.

We stopped by KiraKira's pop-up at the Holiday Shops at Bryant Park. The market is up until January 6th and I have one word of advice for you: Go. This is your holiday shopping, AND your shopping for yourself after you receive money from Grandma or whoever else for the holidays. Feast your eyes on the beautifully shimmering pieces, laid out in these wonderfully curated arrangements. There's something for everyone, which brings me to another exciting factor of KiraKira, one that I have never found with any other jewelry line, ever. The price range is vast and expansive, so no matter what you're in the market for, it's there. It's so amazing to find a line that has custom-made, stone-encrusted solid gold pieces for $1,000 and up that also has gold-plated sterling silver pieces as low as $50. How is that possible? I don't know, because you don't ask questions when something is that good. So, KiraKira Jewelry can be your line when you are going to make that ultimate splurge and elevate your jewelry box with a treasure-forever investment piece, and it can also be your line when you just want to go shopping and pick up your new favorite accessory - on, you know, a Tuesday. No special occasions required.

And it gets even better - seriously. If you go to the KiraKira pop-up at Bryant Park (closer to the 42nd Street side, parallel to 42nd) and mention Sobbing On Fifth, you will receive 20% off. And if you don't live in New York, you can still take advantage of this so-good deal - enter promo code SOBBINGONFIFTH at checkout on KiraKira's website. 20% off prices that are already incredible, all to get yourself something that will never go out of style and will always transform your outfits.

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