Thursday, December 6, 2012

Found Fashion

Fashion is all around us. Seriously, I'm not just being cheesy. And that's a good thing for those of us on a low budget, because we can find things we covet in the most unexpected places. It's easier and cheaper than you could dream of to recreate the high-fashion looks you love, you just have to get creative. 

The Jersey:

That street-cool, varsity sports look is super on trend, and makes it the easiest it's ever been to be fashion-forward. But why shell out hundreds for a designer jersey that's just trying to emulate the real thing? Go right to the source. This jersey appeals to people who don't even know what The Sartorialist is, let alone that there's sporty-chic inspiration to be found on it. And this one is just $24.95 on eBay.

The Army Jacket

Army jackets have become a wardrobe. They're perfect for transitional weather, and like a motorcycle jacket, they give feminine dresses that cool kick of edge. Any dress is instantly fashion-forward with an army jacket. But why spend $80, $100, or more at a fast fashion store or designer shop? At an army/navy surplus store like Uncle Sam's, you can get this sweet jacket for $27. It makes the not-on-purpose old school vibe of the site and awful image quality totally worth it. 

The Punk Bracelet:

 Punk is one of the strongest influences in fashion and yet we all too often forget to go right to the source. Sure, leather, studs, chains, pins, spikes, etc. make regular appearances on the runways but if you’re heading to those designers, you’re going to spend. You could achieve the same white-hot cool with those details purchased for less, which is easy to do if you go where people who buy that stuff from a music place instead of a fashion place go. Not sure if you’re aware, but the interwebs are full of these crazy cheap, low-budget sites that cater to subcultures of metalheads and punks, stocking them with their accessories for prices usually under $20. And those very accessories are what us fashion folks want, too! This spike cuff brings to mind the super-chic likes of Eddie Borgo, Made Her Think and Pamela Love, but guess how much it costs? No, guess. I’ll wait. Lower. Lower. Lower – fine, I’ll tell you: $17. 

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