Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Gift Guide: Boyfriend

Your boyfriend...who else puts up with your temper tantrums? The boy who buys you everything that you have put on your personal shopping list deserves something nice from you, as well. Time to make him wear and use what you want him to.

$20 Acca Kappa Shave Foam

If your boyfriend is anything like mine, then you know he does not like shaving. Well, too bad for him, there are times that a clean face is a necessity. He also probably does not take care of his skin the way he should; shaving, moisturizer, etc. This shaving cream will do all of that and nourish and sooth with aloe vera, palm oil and jojoba oil. I suggest giving him lots of kisses to train him to enjoy shaving. (A bit manipulative but totally worth it.)

$34.00 Acca Kappa Military Style Hair Brush

Now that his face is kissably smooth he may think he is ready to head out the door - negative. Why do men hate brushing their hair? I love it and it a favorite time for me. Give him this brush and he may like it more, the pure boar bristles will stimulate his hair shaft. With its manly packaging he won't feel like he is brushing his hair with a Barbie doll comb.

$8 Bio Toothbrush

Does anyone else's boyfriend not change their toothbrush every three months? Is it not normal for me to have an alert in my iPhone to remind me? Anyway, I am a firm believer in toothbrush changing. This is a perfect stocking stuffer. And you can feel good about yourself stuffing these in stockings; made of a natural substance, its degrading time is compared to an oak leaf.

 So grab a cute box and create the perfect boyfriend grooming kit with all three of these!

$300 Nixon The Chronicle SS Watch

So now he is looking great from the neck up, but he may still need a bit of fashion work. Nixon is the ultimate watch brand for any guy in the know - or at least any guy with a girlfriend in the know, like yourself. Put this on his wrist and watch him morph from geek to chic.

There's almost nothing more essential for everyone's wardrobe than sunglasses, so you might as well treat him to a stylish pair. Go for intrinsically cool brand, Oliver Peoples, and for this super classic tortoiseshell - $350 at Neiman Marcus

Whether your guy is already dapper or you want him to be, he needs a handsome bowtie. A handsome one, I repeat, not some novelty one, not a crazy one - a low-key but stylish one will suit every guy's look. And I highly recommend this beautiful one from Lanvin, for $155 on It has a bit of texture, knitted from silk, but is totally understated. And the deep shade of navy is a snap to work into any outfit. This accessory will instantly elevate your boyfriend's look, no matter the occasion.

If you want to give him the gift that keeps on giving, give him a gift that literally keeps on giving. Sign up for the Craft Beer Club and every month, he'll get a surprise package of new and tasty craft beers. It will expand his beer-based horizons and hello, he'll get free beer every month. Could you BE a better girlfriend? He'll be reminded every month just how much you care. It's $37.75 a month, and the best part is you can choose however many months you want to do, or just pay as you go and stop when you're done being nice. Just kidding!

Handbags, Hugs & Perfectly Glossed Kisses,

Astor and Sutton