Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fashion Gift Guide: Sister

She loves you unconditionally. Your built-in confidante, shoulder to lean on, shopping helper, partner in crime, best friend. The holidays are time to show your sister how much she means to you, and to apologize for the time you borrowed her new Brian Atwoods without asking and broke the heel. 

Fashionista Sister


If your sister is a devoted fashion fan, she's been coveting the way-modern, way-irreverent, way-cool paper-bag clutches that have been popping up in street style shots and at fashion weeks. She's also noticed the sleek glamour of the metallic trend. This statement-making clutch from Marie Turnor Accessories, for $210 at ShopBop, hits both looks.


This RVCA dress is sure to become your sister's go-to for weekends - it's instant downtown cool, totally effortless yet chic. It's inevitable you'll end up stealing it, too. And it's just $50 at Need Supply.

Decor Diva Sister


Your sister loves Balenciaga because everyone loves Balenciaga – soon to be Wanglenciaga. But what to get for the girl who has everything? If your sis already has the market cornered on clothing, shoes, accessories, and such, then start filling her home with fashion. Any d├ęcor diva will love a bit of luxe for her bedroom or living room, so this Balenciaga candle, $65 at Neiman Marcus, is all kinds of perfect. 


There are more ways to work fashion into your routine than to wear it – a chic iPhone case makes it totally effortless, and keeps that punch of cool in your look every single day. Give your sister the gift of a pop of chic for her phone with Kenzo. This eye-catching case is covered in a quirky print that just screams Kenzo, and with the brand being such a hot commodity, that’s something no one can refuse. And you don’t have to – at $45 at Opening Ceremony, you can get one for your sister and yourself!

Playful Sis


If your sister’s playful side veers more toward the outdoors, and you’ve got a bigger budget, then there’s no question: you have to get her one of the season’s most buzzed-about items from the biggest collab collection: the Alice + Olivia bike from the Neiman Marcus x Target line, $500. It’s practical, playful and totally chic with its lovely, notice-me print – plus she’ll 
instantly be the coolest kid on the block with this instantly recognizable must-have.


If your sister loves true iconic fashion and wants to start having investments in heritage brands, there literally is nothing greater you can give her than something from Hermes. But, who can afford that? Am I right or am I right? These playing cards clock in at just $85, a steal for a hint of that classic orange. And it’s not just a cheap way to get some Hermes in her hands if she's the playful type - she'll adore this unexpected, game-ready spin on style. These are so sweet and whimsical. She’ll love being reminded of luxe fashion every time she deals a hand of poker with friends.

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  1. ugh i lovelovelove that dress!! <3 oh and p.s. i lovelovelove your story about you & Astor XD

    -K from

    1. "Right? It's kind of perfect, might have to buy one for the sis and one for myself. Thanks, doll!"