Sunday, December 23, 2012

Lazy Beauty Sunday

It has been a crazy month of holiday shopping for myself. Oh right, and other people. I was in dire need of a lazy Sunday. So here goes.

$48 Yon-Ka Phyto-Gel Exfoliant

I have said it before and I will say it again; winter is a killer on your skin. Dry skin is just not something I am willing to live with. Now that I am using the Phyto-Gel Exfoliant I no longer have that problem. With a great fresh scent this sloughs off dead skin. Most importantly, to me, is that it's gentle. I have used scrubs that feel like I am sandpaper-ing off my skin. On the other hand I have used 'scrubs' that are much more of a body wash. Finally I have found the perfect medium. Phyto-Gel Exfoliant is gentle AND effective.

$42 Huile Corps

I could go on and on about how beneficial scrubs are. But I would not be a true friend if I stopped there. Now that you have fresh skin it's thirsty. I don't know why but I love that saying, so cute, right? Okay moving on, I always follow a good shower scrub with something moisturizing. When my skin really needs to be replenished and oil does the job. Downside, I am not trying to be a grease ball. (Cut to freshman year of High school when Astor and I would lay in Central Park covered in baby oil trying to get a tan. Not a good look). This oil is not greasy. Apply and in seconds your skin will drink it up, yup I just said that.

$29 Jan Marini Bioglycolor Face Cleanser
I could not forget my face. So I used Jan Marini's Bioglycolor Face Cleanser. This cleanser is perfect for my skin, and yours. No I don't know what type of skin you have but this cleanser is good for ALL skin types so ha! It gently cleanses and exfoliates, I love it because it doesn't dry out my skin. My skin looks and feels so good it's a shame I have to cover it with all these "winter layers." Ugh time for a trip to St. Barths.

It wouldn't be Christmas if I did not do some festive nails. I used all of my new BB Nail Polish.  As you already know, I love BB Polish. It dries quickly, lasts long, and gives a gel like finish without any unwanted ingredients; no formaldehyde!

 I started by painting my nails with 'Fairy Blood' a deep, rich, super shiny red.

Once the red was completely dry I applied some tape across my nails. Doesn't have to be perfect or exact, just all diagonal lines.


 I used double sided tape, this is how it looked when I removed the backside of the tape.

After the tape was on, I used 'Poison Ivy' polish which is an emerald, forest-like green. After a few minutes I removed the tape and let the green fully dry.

My final step was to paint over all of my nails with 'Hollywood Junk'! This is a perfect Christmas color. Big and small chunks of silver glitter.

Perfectly Glossed Kisses,



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