Monday, December 10, 2012

Lucky Shop NY

If you’ve been reading this blog longer than about a week, you know Sutton and I treat Lucky Magazine like a bible. We’re very hurt, ashamed and confused about why we’ve never attended one of their Lucky Shops events. It’s the all-knowing magazine come to life. We’ve been shopping the glossy for years, now we can physically shop it and frankly, it’s all a little too much to handle. I’m shaking just thinking about it. If you’ve never been, we’d like to strongly advise you to attend next time. Even if it involves flying in and planning a vacation around it.  

We never even realized how much we love Amrita Singh jewelry until the event. This is the next level of bohemian glamour, and these exotic statement pieces were marked down to irresistible prices. Our favorite was the stack of assorted bangles in brilliant shades of blue, for only $50.

The Rebecca Minkoff booth was stocked with the city-chic dresses and feminine yet subtly punked out bags that have made the line a hit. And everything was 50% off. It was a thing of beauty. All the RM bags you could think of and love were there - and we adored this modern update on the the best friends half-heart idea, matching iPhone cases.

Yumi Kim is famous for her vibrant prints and her Lucky Shops booth didn't disappoint. Dresses, tops and skirts were swirls and dashes and flower-bursts of the prettiest pastels and brights. Definitely gets you in the mood for spring.

We were very happy Rebecca Taylor was in the house, the booth had plenty of girly yet contemporary-cool dresses and skirts that take you right from work to cocktails.

One of our favorites was the back section of editor's picks, a curated section that made you feel like you were shopping a very fashionable friend's bedroom. And I was thrilled to walk out with one of those great trompe l'oeil totes from Thursday Friday for just $45 - and prompty packed it for a night out of town. From designer deals to cocktails and exciting hourly specials, this is sure to become a new annual holiday in the Van Brigsby house.

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