Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Beauty Gift Guide: Sister

You either love her or hate her (or maybe a little bit of both) but in the end you’re family and (hopefully) she’ll always be there for you, even when you might not deserve her. Show her some sisterly love with a gift that comes from the heart. She’ll appreciate it more than you know. (In Face, you might actually never know because she might be too cool to say thank you, but you'll just know.


Pretty Pretty Princess Sister

$10.95 BB Nail Polish in Feverish Fushia

Your sis will love this bright fushia nail polish from BB Nail. A super cute color, and even if she isn't the best manicurist, BB Nail Polish always dries very smooth and shiny. It includes a base coat, strengthener, top coat and extra pigment for a vibrant color. 

Lip Loving Sister

$14.99 Violent Lips in Red Glitteratti and The Pink and Red Roses

These Temporary Lip Tattoos are too cute for words. The Red Glitteratti comes with three applications and the pink and Red Roses comes with four applications, twp Pink Roses and two Red Roses. She can be very va-va voom in the glittery red color and will be pretty as a picture with rose lips. Instructions are very easy as is the removal so if she is sneaking out of the house and has to be make-up free upon re-entry Mom and Dad won't know.


$6.50 Willa Smile Shimmer

A perfect stocking stuffer for a sister of any age. I don't care who she is, this lip gloss is perfect for anyone. Hydrating and shimmery with just a smidgen of color. I currently have one snapped onto the inside zipper pocket of my Chloe Alice Bag. (And don't worry about your little sis, Willa products are paraben, sulfate DEA and phthalate free... you don't want any of these on her perfect pout.)

$30 Mally Age Rebel Lip Wand Trio

She will love Mally's Lip Wand Trio in three beautiful shades: Perfect Rose, Berry Flush and Pink Peony. The pencil-like packaging makes the wand easy to apply: never needs to be sharpened and will fit anywhere. Moisture, color, hydration, easy peasy.


Skincare Junkie Sis

$48.00 Tatcha One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil

Tatcha's Cleansing Oil is a sure win. A blend of rich oils will cleanse her face and remove her make up, and yes, it's even waterproof. This is great for all skin types, even oily skin. Of course it is dermatologist tested. We wouldn't give our sister any less.

$48.00 Vbeaute Rub Off Gentle Exfoliator

Vbeaute's Rub Off is an exfoliant that is gentle enough for everyone. Let her buff off old cells and leave her skin soft and fresh. She will love how it purifies and minimizes her pores while providing antioxidants. And because I am recommending it for your sis I will be sure to note it is paraben and fragrance free, plus dermatologist tested.

Perfectly Glossed Kisses,


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