Monday, December 24, 2012

Liebster Award Nomination

We're so excited and honored to have been nominated for the Liebster Award! This means a lot, as it comes from other bloggers - there's nothing better than support from your own community. So, we want to send a huge thank you to the blog that nominated us, Attire Club. We love you, too! 

Attire Club gave us and its other nominees a mission - all nominees must nominate another eleven blogs, tell our readers eleven things about ourselves, answer eleven questions asked by Attire Club, and pose a new eleven questions for our own eleven nominees. Here goes.

And our nominees are...!!

Our eleven facts about ourselves:

We grew up on Park Avenue.

Thanks to lessons throughout childhood, we are proficient in ballet, fencing, French, pastry baking, table setting, archery, piano playing, candle making, glass blowing, haiku writing and napkin folding.

The first time we ever wore makeup was when we got it done at Henri Bendel for our 10th and 11th birthdays. We've been Bendel devotees ever since.

Le Cirque is where we go when we want to go where everybody knows our name.

We've been to Versailles more times than we've been to Queens.

We were forced to go to a shopaholics' support group when we got cut off but it didn't do anything, clearly.

My favorite kind of music is heavy metal, and Sutton's favorite is rap. No one ever guesses.

We never leave the house without last three lip glosses in our bags.

We've been reading "les miserables" on our iphones when we're on the subway - it's been about six months and we're still not done

My celebrity crush is Robert Downey, Jr. and Sutton's is Joseph Gordon Levitt - we only like celebrities with three initials.

My biggest pet peeve is any sort of rude subway behavior, especially when people rush on to the car before you can get off at a stop. Sutton's biggest pet peeve is when people wear running shoes with their business suits.

Our answers to Attire Club's questions:

Q: What did you want to become when you were little?

A: We always wanted to be in fashion and beauty – we were basically born with shopping bags in our hands, and grew up around the most beautiful stores, closets and our own personal style icons.

Q: Do you write a journal?

A: Yes, our blog! It documents our daily crusades in shopping.

Q: The classic: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A: Trapped in our new huge Soho loft because our shopping bags are stacked to the ceiling and blocking the doors.

Q: What is your motto?

A: Some of the most stylish girls are broke.

Q: If your blog was an animal, which one would it be? Why?

A: Perhaps a squirrel. As the cunning gatherer of the animal kingdom, we feel it is the natural comparison to a shopper.

Q: What was the last clothing item you bought?

A: A Joseph waffle-knit sweater and a Rodarte for Opening Ceremony dress.

Q: Do you go shopping on a regular basis?

A: What’s regular? You mean twice a day? That’s crazy! Only once a day.

Q: What famous people are your models?

A: Anyone that’s truly cultivated their own style, from editors to designers. Mira Duma, Joanna Hillman, Mary Katrantzou, Marie Antoinette, Keith Richards.

Q: Have you ever walked a runway? If not, would you like to?

A: No. And no. You’ve seen the video montages of falling models, right?

Q: Do you know how to cook? If yes, what do you like to cook?

A: No – that was always done by the family cook until we got swiftly kicked out on our own. That doesn’t mean we’re going to go crazy and do something like learn how to cook. If we can’t eat out or order in, we survive on brussel sprouts and macarons.

Q: Have you ever pulled a prank on someone? If not, why?

A: Of course. But we can’t tell, or else you’ll know it’s coming.

And finally, our eleven questions for our nominees:

What city do you live in and how does it affect your style?

Why did you start a blog?

What is your favorite thing about blogging?

What is your least favorite thing about blogging?

What do you do when you’re not blogging?

What blogs do you look to for inspiration?

Who are your style icons?

What is your favorite store?

How would you describe your personal style?

What is the last thing you bought?

What is your favorite trend?

Thanks again to Attire Club and much love to our nominees!

Handbags, Hugs and Perfectly Glossed Kisses,

Astor and Sutton

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