Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Velvet Nails

I needed to try the new nail trend: velvet manicures. You can buy expensive sets but I wasn't 100% sure this would work so I didn't want to spend too much money on a set. (It actually physically pained me to type that). Astor came up with an inventive idea: buying crushed velvet powder from a craft store to use. We were unbelievably excited to try this out and ripped into the box immediately. I even invited our friend Amy over to join our mani party. Astor literally texted and emailed me about ten times during the day while we were at work, out of sheer excitement and stress over what type of design she wanted to do with the velvet.


We spent at least 15 minutes discussing what we wanted to do, so many color options!

After picking our colors I removed old nail polish and painted a clear coat of polish on a nail... I applied the velvet, and repeated on the next nail. We all did different designs and were quite pleased with ourselves. 

I did different stripes of colors. I just applied clear nail polish in a strip across my nail. I applied the first velvet color, waited a few minutes and continued with the next color.


Amy stayed classic and did all of her nails in a pretty blue.

Astor did each nail a different color, and made cute fuzzy multicolored fingers. Although it was pointed out on instagram how much this looked like the hand of a dead...erm...lady of the night from the show "Dexter" - a severed hand with all different colored nails. Not as cute, but whatevs.
Amazing right?
No, actually you are not right at all. Cut to the next morning and I am going to give you the privilege of reading my conversation with Astor on Gchat.
Me: ugh terrible morning already, crazy lady (and might I add extremely unfashionable) spilled coffee all over my Marc bag on the subway. **
Astor: you know what else is terrible?
Remember yesterday when I was blissfully ignorant of how impossible it would be to maintain velvet nails? I was so excited, so happy then. Now I know the truth. Each of my nails looks like a balding clown with a drinking problem.
Me: I know! A major disappointment. Amy was quite upset this morning as well.
Astor: No good.
Me: Yeah that's def a night of event mani.

** Just wanted to point out that Astor totally ignored my bag dilemma. If I had borrowed her Chloe bag, like I did the day before, I GUARANTEE she would have had something to say about that!
Anyway, as you can guess this manicure did NOT last. But I stand by my statement: it is fun and looks adorable; but you must do them the same day as your event or party. And they should be a last step. Planning to wash your face after your nails are done? Big mistake.

Perfectly glossed kisses,


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