Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Gift Guide: Last Minute Finds

Picture it. Christmas Eve, 10PM. You forgot one gift you need to get. How did this happen? HOW? You're normally such a responsible, organized person! I'll tell you how it happened. December hits and BOOM. Work gets busier, nay, CRAZIER. Everyone you know has a holiday party, usually you have three to go to on the same night and all three are in completely different neighborhoods. You have to find That Perfect Gift for everyone on your list, while dealing with the awkward request that other people give you to tell them what you want - if you told them what's really on your wish list, they'd probably feel burdened about taking out a loan to afford it. Your boyfriend's parents come into town and you have to pretend to be a tourist for the day and take them around to all the best worst best places. You start stressing because you know you're gaining weight but everything's so good and if one more co-worker or friend offers you one more amazing home-baked cookie and if you have to wrap one more present and if you have to drink one more glass of eggnog and if you have to live through one more SantaCon happening in your neighborhood and if you have to pretend you think ugly Christmas sweater parties are funny one more year - 


That's why drugstores exist. I mean, that and...selling prescription medicine and whatnot. But right now, they exist for us poor stressed souls. They're the light at the end of the tunnel, the smiling friend who says "I understand. I don't judge you for buying your best friend a stuffed reindeer and three-pack of Orbit gum for the holidays. And I won't tell your boss that you got that box of truffles on the clearance rack."

Listen. You're not going to get a super chic accessory or an amazingly handy...home device, or whatever. But, it's 10PM on Christmas Eve, remember? You're going to have to get inventive and you're going to have to have a sense of humor about things.

I challenge you to find someone who wouldn't want a Hello Kitty Chia  pet. It's cute, it's sweet, and you can claim hipster-driven irony here instead of admitting you bought this out of all seriousness. Funny-haha gifts are perfect for those people who have everything, because it's not like you're going to get them anything truly useful anyway. Might as well have fun, and this is less than $20 at Duane Reade.

Who doesn't love pugs? No, seriously, who? Send them to me so I can slap them silly. Personally, even I want this adorable ornament. I'd leave it out all year long. And it's just $14.99 at Duane Read.

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Now for something I actually really want, and any girl would LOVE. Seriously, this won't even feel like you're cheaping out/last minute-ing it at a drug store. Just buy a boat load of nail stuff and put it in a pretty box or basket or...Shop Rite bag, whatevs. Make sure to buy all different things. Buy a nail file, a nail clipper, polish remover, nail strengthener, a light color, a dark color, a glitter top coat, some nail stickers, a nail art pen - BUY IT ALL AND GIVE IT TO ME. Sorry. Anyway, if you buy a nice variety and include some fun stuff, like whatever's new to the nail scene (crackle nail polish, magnetic, etc.), it's guaranteed to please. 
I love MOR’s Body Butter. This is a perfect gift for anyone left on your list. My favorite is the Clementine scent, but it comes in many different scents. Perfect for winter because it is super moisturizing. It’s also great because it never leaves you feeling greasy.

Handbags, Hugs and Perfectly Glossed Kisses,

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