Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Beauty Gift Guide: BFF

Your BFF... need I say more? She is always there for you; how many nights have you spent laughing and crying with her? Now it is time to treat her. Face it, you can be kind of a snot, a bit bossy and sometimes selfish (okay fine, that's me), BUT I also know you can be an amazing friend. So show how awesome you are and get her something she will love.

Beauty Obsessed BFF

Anastasia Want You To Want Me Kit. No, this is not just a cute clutch-shaped box. This is a full kit with everything your BFF needs to look beautiful. It includes a nine-pallette eye shadow in shimmery colors suited for all skin tones. There is a two-ended brush (usable for many looks), black liquid eye liner and brow mousse. I want to just carry around this kit at all times, but in a pinch you can remove the eye shadow pallette to toss into your purse. The shadow kit works for so many looks, from natural to smoky and more.

$34 Want You To Want Me

Now that you snatched up the eye kit for only $34, you need to get your hands on the Kisses On My List Lip Gloss Kit with six gorgeous shades. I honestly cannot get over these... umm... I don't even know what to call them, 'gloss' just doesn't to them justice. They are a collection of matte, shimmer, satin and chap-stick glosses. No matter what make up look she is trying to accomplish, one of these will definitely do the trick.

$30 Kisses On My List

Don't worry beauty lovers I'm not finished. I am also loving Vapour Organic Beauty’s 3D Holiday Collection. This collection includes three amazing products. The Siren Lipstick in Bold is a perfect rich red for the holidays. Want to show up to your office holiday party in drop-dead red lips?  Yes. You do.  I must admit that I suffer from chapped lips basically all winter long, lucky right? Well that doesn't make wearing lipstick easy for me because as soon as I put some red on my lips the lines and peeling disappear instantly. Siren Lipstick is also moisturizing so dry lips be gone! The Mesmerize Eyeliner/Smoky Eye Tool in Black Velvet is also a winter must. I am ALL about smoky eyes for the winter. Finally, the Elixir Plumping Gloss in Bolt is a smooth and silky - never sticky -  plumping gloss for big pouty kisses.
$52 Vapour Beauty 3D Holiday Collection

Jet Setter BFF

It can be difficult gift-buying for you traveling BFF now that airports won't let her carry on all of her fav products. Not to fear!  I have a perfect solution, and can guarantee she won’t only travel with this kit on a plane she will travel with it every time she goes into the bathroom to wash her face. It includes everything she needs to keep her skin gorgeous all winter long. (Winter is especially horrid for your skin. It’s super drying and makes it even tougher to come back from a humid beach vacation to the arctic NYC winter). She will keep her skin clean and glowing with the Pure Cloud Cleanser while pumping up the moisture with the Arctic Hydrating Balm. My personal favorite is the Icelandic Relief Eye Pen. Click the pen like a lip gloss to dispense the eye cream and dab under eyes to moisturize and enjoy a nice cooling sensation. But it doesn’t stop there! Skyn Iceland didn't forget a night time treatment: using the Oxygen Infusion Night Cream will recharge her skin while she sleeps.  

$45 Skyn Iceland Quench Kit

Spa Loving BFF

Of course you love your BFF, but let’s face it you can’t bring her on weekly spa trips. But you CAN let her have the spa experience at home. I am obsessed with microdermabrasion treatments. Microdermabrasion uses teeny tiny crystals to buff off the top layer of dead skin cells and brightens and smoothes your skin. Beauty Society's Crystal Ball is an AMAZING at home treatment. 

$34.59 Beauty Society Crystal Ball - Microdermabrasion Treatment

Moving on to making her bath experience luxurious, the best way to do that is to buy her Absolis Patyka Body Lotion and Body Wash. Both of these products smell amazing and used together, the scent will last you all day. Many soaps and gels can really dry out your skin, which is something you do not want in winter, or anytime for that matter. This Shower Gel is very moisturizing, it creates a 'silky foam'. Your skin will drink up the body lotion and keep you smooth all day. These products come in a variety of amazing scents;: Precious Woods, Mandarin, Spearmint, Neroli and my favorite, White Grape.

       $55 Absolis Patyka Body Lotion and $45 Body Wash

Happy Shopping!

Perfectly Glossed Kisses,


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  1. Love the Anastasia eyeshadow, that packaging is so nice, a simple ribbon and you are done.