Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fashion Gift Guide: BFF

Your best friend is unlike any other friend. She has the decency to tell you that yes, you do look ridiculous in that dress so that you don't wear it out and look like an idiot all night. She comes with you to the sample sales for designers she doesn't love because she knows you need someone to hold all of your belongings while you're trying stuff on - and she knows you'd do the same for her. She understands and covers for you when you miss the knitting/dance/home-brewing class you guys are taking together because you need to camp out overnight for the next biggest chain store x designer collaboration. And the holidays are just the time to tell her thanks with the perfect gift. 

Downtown-Cool BFF


Your fashionably rocker-chic friend will get tons of use out of this effortlessly cool Zoe Karssen sweatshirt - it's as comfortable as it is stylish. At $160 at Net-A-Porter, it's in a good price range for a dear ol' pal.


This nail necklace from Obey is just $31 at 80s Purple. It's cool in a very not-trying-too-hard, Brooklyn-chic kind of way. And the nails could kind of be like you and your buddy. If one of you is significantly taller.

Modern Minimalist Friend:


Everyone loves Commes des Garcons. Everyone uses a wallet. If your friend is a sharp-dressin' minimalist, she will officially consider you the best friend in the world if you get her this wallet at OAK, for $205.


This Fort Standard bracelet is perfection incarnate. It's so understated, but so chic and striking in its simplicity. With its little knot detail, it's kind of like a grown-up friendship bracelet, only much more timeless and fashion-forward. Plus, it's just $40 at Need Supply.

Park Avenue Prep BFF


I'm kind of addicted to Kate Spade's tongue-in-cheek bags. They're THE perfect gift for any BFF, really - they're chic, timeless and have a little inside joke built right in for you two. This "Knock On Wood" shopper is rich and sleek but still quirky. $148 at Kate Spade.

If your BFF has a preppy streak, she can't deny her love for J.Crew's wear-forever sweaters. Classic, versatile, clean and polished, these knits are a true wardrobe staple. Make sure to get a great bright color - $60 at J.Crew.

Handbags and Hugs,



  1. Bought a bracelet at Need Supply after seeing this post - great website (theirs and yours) and they have great customer service!

  2. Right? Need Supply is one of my all-time favorites!