Friday, November 16, 2012

What We're Wearing

Sometimes I need to treat my lips to an expensive gloss and that is just what I did today. I am wearing Chanel's "Rouge Allure Extraid De Gloss" in Exces. This is the best of both worlds: great color like a lipstick and shine like a gloss. This is expensive, but so very worth the price tag. They have this gloss in 9 shades. It is not a product I would buy in every color but I did have fun picking out my perfect shade.

$32 Chanel Lipgloss in Exces
Perfectly Glossed Kisses,

I am not a suit girl. I choose jobs based on what we'll have to wear everyday (and the discount, duh). I once wore a suit for an interview and felt like I was trapped in a fabric box. I know suits can be totally chic, but I'm short and they make me look like a dumpy square person. But, all that change when I substitute some of my favorite pieces to create a suit-like look. You won't find me in a matching navy polyester get-up, but I am totally comfortable with an edgier version of the typically uptown-ish look. I built this outfit around a plaid tweed jacket I got for FIVE DOLLARS at a second-hand store in Massachusetts. It makes me so happy. Like, how are things five dollars, ever? I'm wearing it over a Versace blouse that has these cool hanging strips of chainmail you can't see, with my Eddie Borgo necklace, quilted vinyl skirt from Topshop and rag & bone boots. This is my take on polished.

Handbags and Hugs,


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