Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fashion Gift Guide: Mom

Fashionable girls come from fashionable mothers, no? Your mom did you a huge favor by making you the chic thing that you are, and the holidays are the perfect time to say thank you. Treat your stylish mama to one of these goodies and you and her can go on enjoying the benefits of a two-way closet share. There's something for every kind of mom, no matter your budget.

Bohemian Mom


This Mehry Mu bag is beautifully bohemian without venturing into dirty hippie territory. It's incredibly ladylike and chic, yet with that eclectic, earthy finish. Your mom will appreciate its artisanal creation - the Istanbul-based brand is one for treasure-forever statements in craftsmanship. $470 at L-atitude.


Also from L-atitude, this intricately detailed ring is a beautiful example of global-traveler chic that will have your bohemian mother over the moon to wear it. Crafted by Mumbai brand Lady Kismet, its exotic elements are easy to see - and this love-forever piece is just $125.

City-Chic Mom

If your mom appreciates luxe fashion, surprise her with something that she might not normally indulge in, yet is totally practical. These gold leather gloves from Bottega Veneta are $380 at Net-A-Porter, and are intrinsically glamorous. They're chic in their metallic hue and classic in the artful construction that Bottega is loved for. 


Obviously it doesn't get more timelessly chic than Oscar de la Renta - you know your mom would flip for these insanely elegant and feminine earrings. Her evening accessorizing will be taken care of, all for $145 at theOutnet.

Crafty Mom


See this sweet poncho - bohemian yet modern-chic - that your mom could layer with any look for a stylish finish no matter the weather? Well, if she's a crafty lady, it gets better. Thanks to Wool and the Gang, she can MAKE it. You heard me. Read me, whatever. For $125, she'll get all the supplies and directions she needs to indulge in a fun project and get a cool poncho. Done and done.

Save Again:

If your mom is anything like the moms I know (what? I know some moms), she loves to sew and is pretty damn good at it, too, yet hasn't treated herself to a new sewing machine in the past twenty years. Do it for her. It won't set you back much and she'll be able to do what she loves faster and more easily and efficiently. Win for you, win for her - and just $60 at Sears.

Handbags and Hugs,


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